How do I get on this page?

Contact Kong or Laila via our Discord.
You are free to provide your own pictures, but there is an option to get one picture done by Kong our main Photographer.
If you do not want to be displayed online, that is fine too! But for all viewer that of course means we are bigger than this site!

You do have to be in the FC to be in this picture. Since some people already left to raid on chaos with us, we were also thinking about we want to handle this. The people stay in our heart and optionally our discord to keep on chatting, but they leave this list to reflect the truth.

I have a quote, a screenshot or other content for a member page!

Even if you are not a member of the FC feel free to add your content to the pages. You can do this as well with just asking Laila on Discord. Kong will also do your wishes, but please give your request to me.