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7th Screenshot Contest – Weekly Challenge #3
In 20 hours - Mon 15:00ST, 15 Aug 2022
The last weekly challenge is here! You can sign up at any point until the deadline. For this final challenge, you will have to find a partner to do the screenshot with you. This can be another participant or someone else entirely. If you win, both of you will get full prizes!
by SleepingDragons
Unreal on Wednesday? Or is this FF7? No wait, it’s Unreal!
In 2 days - Wed 18:00ST, 17 Aug 2022
There will be no Unreal event on Friday this week, so instead we’re doing a special Unreal event on Wednesday! Not only will we be clearing Unreal as usual, but there’s more content after. 😀 We will be checking out the Sephirot Extreme afterwards as that will be the new Unreal in a week’s time […]
by Ryve Sontek
There are Foongus Amoonguss
In 4 days - Fri 17:00ST, 19 Aug 2022
It’s time for Amoonguss! But can you find that Foongus? Join us on Friday for some classic Among Us gameplay with all the intrigue, subterfuge and lying you could want. 😀 Anyone can join on whatever platform they play on. The event starts at 17ST, but feel free to join in later if you can’t […]
by Ryve Sontek
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