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Free Trial Checklist & Guide
Blue Mage
Blue Mage Skills in a searchable List
Guides for Masked Carnival up to lv. 60
BLU Spell reference sheet with sorting by aspect, including potency & AoE type
Blue Mage Achievements + Guides
Choose your crafting leves!
Everything about Crafting!
Ishgard Restoration and relic guide
A Crafting helper for stuff you have
Custom Deliveries
Island Sanctuary – Discord (has workshop guides and everything you need!)
Big Fishing Discord
Centurio Hunts Discord
Eurekan Academy for the light datacenter
Faux Hollows Commander Cheat Sheet
Performance Simulator for game mechanics
Ultimate Guides
Figure out your BiS!
Strat Maker and Timeline Planner
See your mistakes in fflogs
Limit Break – Breakdown
Faux Hollows Solver
Island Sanctuary – Discord (has workshop guides and everything you need!)
Big Fishing Discord
Crafting collaborative!
Animal Tracker Island Sanctuary
Video Guides for Big Fishing
Gathering Collectable Guide
Fishing Resource!
Timers, including gathering & fishing.
Timed Nodes Clock
Ocean Fishing Guide
Fishing Tracker for Rare Fish
Gold Saucer
Beginner’s guide to Mahjong
Offical: How to unlock it and a small overview
YT Guide to Mahjong
Color chart with npc droprates
Winning decks with an explanation
The Chocobo Racing Guide
Centurio Hunts Discord
All Hunts
Datacenter Hunt Tracker
ARR Hunting Log
Hunt Path Finder
How to spawn S-Ranks
Server Status Tracking
Server Character Congestion status
Is xiv up?
See all prices everywhere!
HGXIV’s FF14 Housing Resource Guide
Everything about Gardening and you need to know
Inventory of Housing items
Sightseeing | Maps locations (and more)
Endwalker Hotbar Planning
List of solo-able content
FC Company Buffs
Glamour Collection
Egi Glamours
Unofficial Recap of Existing Lore
Housing Design Collection
Weather forecast for Hydaelyn
Chocobo Colour Calculator
FINAL FANTASY XIV: Starter Guide Series – A video introduction to the game mechanics
All Offical Guides
Side Stories
Original Game Music by Square Enix
Viera Naming Conventions
Server Character Congestion status
Free Trial + Frontpage
Offical Forum
Fan Kit | Icons | Wallpaper | More
Current News | Community Site
Hothgar: Race Naming Conventions
Viera: Race Naming Conventions
Race Naming Conventions (not Viera, Hothgar)
Lore Forum
Eureka Tracker & Maps
All mounts, minions and more
HoH Guide
POTD 1-200
Relic Questlines
Deep Dungeon Compendium
Baldesion Arsenal Guide with videos
Shadowbringer Fate “Guide” + Links to older Zones
Variant Dungeon Routes
Quick guide to Eureka (as of 5.2)