We are looking for help to host events!

The slowest website rework in history~

Sleeping Dragons is an FC community in the successful MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV or FFXIV. Located on the EU – Datacenter’s Phoenix (Light) our group of talented players has been growing ever since it’s foundation.

Also, titled a Free Company, our players try to tackle the game’s content in all it’s forms, ranging from high-end content and treasure hunts to silly photo-contests.

The main aspect of our social group is a tightly-knit community feeling (which shall not be dubbed “family-like”, because that has been overused). No matter the content, there will always be volunteers or experts, where we can help each other and participate in challenges together.

I heard something about Events, what is it about?

We look for every helping hand we can get. Might it be hosting events or other external or internal work. Only if you want of course! 
If you just want some people to team up with for several roulettes, or help you with content, or other stuff you are welcome to join! The events are semi-regular. We are trying our best to keep them going at least once to twice a week. They are usually focused around getting mounts and doing maps, though you can come and bring your ideas with you. We also have members that want to have a HoH or POTD group. 

Apart from events most of us are happy to assist with raids, job tips and guides as well! Since our FC consists of a mixed group. We have several raiding veterans but also newcomers. During our events more of our newer members grew interested in doing savage content. Based on this we formed a casual static with veterans in it to help them improve themselves and break barriers, but most importantly get to do savage content together in a friendly and respectful environment. 

If you are interested in raiding, as a newcomer or casual player, feel free to become a part of the static if you are any healer or any dps. 

It is difficult to find people that are alright with wiping and learning from mistakes. If you bring that mindset I am sure that you will fit in properly. Also veterans, like said above, fit in if you are unavailable. So not that many strings attached. It would still be nice though if you want to become a part, even as veteran, of this learning group.

But I am casual/hardcore, am i still welcome? What if I don’t log in regularly?

Yes! Also, we have some people who only focus on crafting and some on gathering. Do what you enjoy most~

But i don’t speak English that well!

And don’t worry about language, we are pretty much from all over Europe and beyond. English is far from perfect here.

Where to find us?