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Our latest company photo! December 2020. Feels like a long time ago.
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3 Years Sleeping Dragons on Phoenix
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Mirel Moui

Sleeping Dragons is an FC community in the successful MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV or FFXIV. Located on the EU - Datacenter's Phoenix (Light) our group of talented players has been growing ever since it's foundation.

Also, titled a Free Company, our players try to tackle the game's content in all it's forms, ranging from high-end content and treasure hunts to silly photo-contests.

The main aspect of our social group is a tightly-knit community feeling (which shall not be dubbed "family-like", because that has been overused). No matter the content, there will always be volunteers or experts, where we can help each other and participate in challenges together.

Interested in contacting us?

Same link as above :)

Well I do have some questions...

Who do I contact on discord?

How do your ranks look like?

Where are you from? Mostly Europe~

Who is Kong, I do not see a 'Kong' in game?

Do you play other games together? Yes, but mostly ffxiv!

I am not max level yet, can I still join? Of course!

We do host events that you can take advantage of when not max level. Basically our screenshot contest, our ocean-fishing courses also our catchup events, that include old raids. It changes over time, so those are just examples. :)
It the end having a nice FC makes the early game much more enjoyable.

Events? What kind of events?

Here you can see upcoming events, its still a WIP! Maybe you can see the proper archive later when i am done programming it, so you can get a good understanding on what we plan officially <3

The event often differs, but casually getting together and doing things you missed or maps just to earn some gil is what we like to do together frequently. New content released? Probably that is going to be an event to enjoy together! Sometimes the event can be even outside ffxiv like jackbox games, Minecraft or Age of Empires 2. It depends on you and what you want to play outside ffxiv~
While we do extreme runs together, a savage learning environment is never something we could offer consistently but there is definitely interest.
So right now it could exist or not! :D Just ask us

Also, it is important that you do not have to be 'in charge' to host events. There is a special rank you can just obtain by asking to put announcements up in our announcement channel on discord.

Is voice mandatory?

Well, to become part of the community it is a mandatory step. But some people do need longer to trust and open up! ... and most of us are/were shy too! We can be quite fun on discord but this is only because we took the time to get to know each other. :)
Take your time to get to know us until you open up.

Why do you have a website?

We love screenshots. This website was at first dedicated to be just a portfolio of members. Then Laila got bored and put her personal guide collection online and started writing one every once in a while for FC members. Here one example for a neat screenshot from our first contest by Mid Sommar:

Mid Sommar