Guild Organisation

While we would love a rank-less structure, we really kinda need some structure in the FC. Guess that is true how most do it.

Did you just join and dont know what to do? Maybe better start here:

Right now there are 2 perspectives: Discord and In game. We try to mirror them as well as we can.
Also, upcoming will be some minor colour coding. I’ll explain it here:

Not inside the FC will be orange.
Inside the FC is green.
Mentors, as in helps us organize, is violet.
Main organizers are blue.

Yellow are roles were FC membership doesn’t really matter, as in raids.
Red is a unique colour for fight club, but you won’t see that in discord, just in the graph.

The following ranks are available to members of our FC Sleeping Dragons in FF XIV:


The starter rank you will be assigned to when you join the guild.

You basically have to break your shell and open up! Join voice on a event, or just be fun in the in game chat around. When we get a feeling for who you are, you will get a small personal task or test to get promoted. (Do not worry, we keep it on the fun side with just basic algebra!) 😉


This is the main rank for everybody. 🐲
There are small perks like having the 1st FC-Chest Tab as a Gift-exchange (give and take).
This will also allow you to submit your picture to our member portfolio.
Also, when you have a prolonged break and communicate that well, you can stay in the guild. While we know having breaks of +30days is taking yourself out of the dynamic, it does happen due different reasons and we understand that.

This will be also your Discord-Rank starting when you join.


This rank allows you to set company actions and a bit more!
This rank does not come with any more responsibilities. While helping and arranging events will make this rank more accessible to you, a great baseline of trust and communication is the main requirement.


This rank carries some responsability: to mentor people in your specific area and to help out in some administrative tasks such as interviews or organizing events. It is nice to split responsibility in a way that does not overload singular people. I want to be real here with you, we do need help. If you really enjoy working with people, being the first to get to know people, if you want to involve yourself in the FC more seriously, it is nice to have you in this rank.

This Rank will get you some more permissions on the Discord side of the FC.


We run the FC as a passion, as a hobby, and do things before they need to be done. The difference is not as big to mentors in permissions, but we do things like this website too, and are the first responder for emergency, which frankly doesn’t happen often. Luckily.

If you want to check out our meetings click here:

Additional Roles:

The following ranks are available in Discord:


Currently not inside the FC.


This is the main rank for everybody inside the guild.


Just check out above! The responsibility we would like you to take up are either to help with the Interviews or hosting Events, depending on your mentorship. Basically, what good is it to have a gameplay master if we are never teaching gameplay as a FC!


Originally called admins, because Laila lacks creativity. The role is identical with the in game role.

Additional Roles: