While we would love a rank-less structure, we agreed on having basic ranks and keep everything as simple as possible. We will never treat anybody different no matter the rank they have.

The following ranks are available to members of our FC Sleeping Dragons in FF XIV:


The starter rank you will be assigned to when you join the guild.

You basically have to break your shell and open up! Join voice on a event, or just be fun in the in game chat around. When we get a feeling for who you are, you will get a small personal task or test to get promoted. (Do not worry, we keep it on the fun side with just basic algebra!) 😉


This is the main rank for everybody. 🐲
There are small perks like having the 1st FC-Chest Tab as a Gift-exchange (give and take).
This will also allow you to submit your picture to our member portfolio.
Also, when you have a prolonged break and communicate that well, you can stay in the guild. While we know having breaks of +30days is taking yourself out of the dynamic, it does happen due different reasons and we understand that.

This will be also your Discord-Rank starting when you join.


This rank allows you to set company actions, work on our airship, submarine and update the company board. Also, you can redecorate our house if you feel like it.
This rank does not come with any more responsibilities. While helping and arranging events will make this rank more accessible to you, a great baseline of trust and communication is the main requirement. This also includes a personal exam or task! (advanced algebra!) 😁


While this rank comes with all that Wyrm has and the ability to promote and demote people. Those are the people that share the responsibility of running events, recruiting members and also entertaining people.
Together with the last rank of the guild leader the work is shared equally.
Only if you really want to you can join into doing your own part for this website, for example, but this is not a requirement.


This rank has all rights of the Ancient rank. While everybody technically can, the guild leader usually interviews newcomers and rank-upgrades alike. Just because our size is still very well manageable, she loves to get to know everybody personally before entry.

The following ranks are available in Discord:


Currently not inside the FC.


This is the main rank for everybody inside the guild.


For everybody that is interested in running events. Just ask the upcoming rank for this rank if you are interested.


Originally called admins, because Laila lacks creativity. The role is identical with the in game role.