Welcome to our 8th Screenshot Contest!

In this captivating contest, we invite you to capture the essence of these three themes: “Out in the Wild,” “Forgotten Deity,” and our final mystery theme, yet to be revealed.

The month of June!

The event will last for roughly a month, starting on our Introduction Event Sunday 21st of Mai, and it will be split into three categories.
Category I & II will start with the Event, Category III is our Express Screenshot Event in the last week of the Event! So look forward to the announcement on the 23rd June !

The last day to submit is 30th June for all three contests!

Submitting Rules

To submit your screenshots, send them to with your name, a title for the pic and the category you are submitting the picture. Yes, submit in all three and win in all three. Enjoy the money! It would make you a very talented /gposer!

Example: “A Very Nice Screenshot – Jasar – out in the wild”

Questions on your submission?
There is a #contest channel. Just ask!

The Rewards!

A Zu for everybody who does not have one but enters.

Since we enjoy spreading rewards instead of just giving 20mil to a single winner:
Depending on the amount of entries, additional prizes will be given out to lower ranking pics too !

Our Dragon hoard (FC Tab 5) is to be shared. 🐉 To use less words, I will just use 1x dragon emoji 🐉 for one item.
What is exactly in it? Various umbrellas, submarine/airship loot, minions, things we deemed worthy, and some raid gifts we gathered.

Category I : out in the wild | vanilla / standard / unmodded

  • 1st: 2 mil gil, 🐉 & sil’dihn throne a 9 mil mount
  • 2nd: 1.5 mil gil, 🐉
  • 3rd: 1 mil gil, 🐉

Category II : forgotten deity | modded

  • 1st: 2 mil gil, 🐉
  • 2nd: 1.5 mil gil, 🐉
  • 3rd: 1 mil gil, 🐉

Category III : Stormblood Dungeons | vanilla / standard / unmodded + conditions

Two extra conditions!
1) Character must be visible

2) Max camera angle!! 0 or 200 in gpose!

  • 1st: 2 mil gil, 🐉
  • 2nd: 1.5 mil gil, 🐉
  • 3rd: 1 mil gil, 🐉

Express category, only the last week of the contest. More Information on the 23rd June !

Parts of the Dragon Hoard

The additional Events/Timetable:

All events will additionally be announced on Discord. Keep an eye on #events.

Introduction Event by Jace (21st May 17:00ST)

Jace will first show off the Themes, kick-start the Event, explain your Questions.
Then she will explain gpose and all ingame tools and then we go

Into the mystery land I will not further describe here but in discord!
Even if you do not join the contest, or you simply do not know yet, it’s a good event to join!

All resources you can require will be saved in a thread made in #events. It will serve as a dynamic guide collection. Yes, it’s a bit more hidden than last times #contest channel, but it’s here forever. It won’t be deleted, that’s its advantage.

Discord Post to reveal last Theme(23rd June)

If you have read until here… let me tell you something, It’s just not just a Theme, it’s also extra conditions you have to hit in vanilla 😉 Also a first time! I hope it works well and you have fun!

Show-Off Event with you and Host Xy! (After the End)

We will show off all pictures that were taken in the same manner as the real life photo contest.
You all can say something to your picture if you want to!

During this event, you will vote what your favorite submission is! So make sure to show up if you can.

Then we will reveal our rating and see if we got any taste, ahaha!

It’s the first event of this type, it also is the first event that allows you voting in a screenshot contest too. We hope you have fun!

Forgotten Deity