Fight Club

Where the FC beats eachother up.

What is the goal?

The goal of the club is for people to participate and improve, not to win. While we are all competitive, the main goal is to have fun and to improve while at it.
Also we aim to recreate the same atmosphere you probably know of starting up a SNES back in the day, plug in Street Fighter 2 and play with your friends on a cozy afternoon. Just with newer games.

Who is playing?

Anyone with an interest in Beat’em Up games. Newcomers. Veterans. All come together and play to find enjoyment.
We currently have 26 members in our Discord channel so don’t worry about finding someone to play with.

What is played?

In the discord channel of the club you will find a pin with all the games members have. Make sure to add yours too!
The games most played are Guilty Gear Strive and Dragon Ball Fighter Z. Also Street Fighter 5, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm and Tekken are easy games to find opponents for.


Matches happen spontaneously. Just ask in the Discord channel and someone is surely to join you. Additionally, we have formal tournaments between the members, which you can see in #events.

How do I join?

Get the Fighter role on Discord!

Noteworthy Events?