Laila Arrbyte

Creator of Sleeping Dragons!

As our overlord, she tells her minions what to do, with a huge passion for the group as a whole.

She is a bird rescuer and enthusiast, with an ever-increasing number of canaries and cockatiels.

Ciara Ul’mir

Cosplay maven!

Hosts the weekly Dragon Raids event together with her brother Pelle, and is very passionate about creating new events. Knows all there is to know about glamours.

A cosplay devotee, she attends conventions at every opportunity she gets, wearing elaborate and beautiful outfits. Has a gorgeous dog named Sokka.

Mojo Viii

The social butterfly!

Co-organiser of the Classic Raids. Loves socialising, talks to everyone and always tries to make something happen when he’s online.

Loves Dungeons & Dragons, playing music and such, but is especially passionate about cooking.


Aqu’a Fantasia

Blue Mage enthusiast!

Responsible for all airship- and submarine ventures. He also made our Discord server image.

A 2D/3D artist, he also designs playgrounds for schools. Will steal your dog.

Pelle Paerkelle

Hildibrand worshipper!

Co-hosts Dragon Raids with his sister Ciara. Has played FFXIV longer than most. Loves Hildibrand.

Hails from the Northern Wilderness, he enjoys the outdoors, and he has a dog named Nato.

Jace Nolan

Gold Saucer connoiseur!

Has written the most extensive Gold Saucer guide known to man, hosted on this very website.

A massive anime and manga enthusiast, with a large collection of books, figures and other related paraphernalia. Has two cats, as everyone should.

Vily’a Maimhov

Crafting guru!

Always willing to help with anything crafting-related. A jack-of-all-trades, he helps out wherever necessary.

A gamer through and through, his favorites are RPGs. Loves cats, as any reasonable human should.

Sejlea Hakonge

Screenshot aficionado!

Has taken most of the screenshots of everyone on the Members page. Creator of the discontinued Dented Eggs podcast, together with Malkier and Mirel.

Like Mojo, he’s very passionate about D&D both as a player and DM. Prints and paints his own D&D and Warhammer miniature figurines.