3 Years SleepingDragons on Phoenix
Hello everyone! Today the 21st of March 2021, we are becoming 3 years old! Oh gosh, 3 years. I really don’t know where time went, I really feel I have just started out with this. There is so much to do, to improve and people to get know. And while the last year was intense […]
Sometimes you wonder what your role is in the grand design of things. Sometimes you wonder what your role is in a small online community in a niche (is it, though?) japanese video game. Lately I was asked what my role with this company was and I found that the best description was: A listener […]
Merry Christmas 2020
Hello everybody. It has been a though year for like, most of us, but I am pretty sure everybody is sick of reading that already. So – First, right now the FC is at a great point. We have a cute fighting subcommunity, and a learning static!We have people that joined that really established themselves, […]
Memory of Lightwaves
So you all know at least 3 types of companies or guilds in MMOs. Let’s start with the most common one: The bonus-giving AFK-association. Despite the member count being in the low hundreds, nobody talks, nobody interacts with each other and nobody plays together. The only exception to that is the one dungeon per week, […]