Alexanders Gears of Change
2022 – a FCs Recap
Intro Hello, everyone. I have been thinking a long time about what this letter should and could have been. My first intention was to draw the spotlight at a random FC member, and get their story out very similar to how we already did. I think those can be good letters and story in of […]
4 Years of Sleeping Dragons
How fast time is passing… It feels like yesterday that we just celebrated our third year of SDS existing and suddenly, a year has passed and here we are celebrating our fourth birthday. I still remember last year’s birthday, which was rather spontaneous with someone asking when the fc got founded, its date coincidentally a […]
Good Morning, SDS!
Good Morning Dragons! No, it is not Monday, you did not sleep over 2 days after New Year. It is still Saturday, and yes I am doing a morning message. But this one is a special message, it is after all the first morning message of the Year, so I thought of something different this […]
Walking past the End
The year is almost at its end and with it comes the season week of reflection. It has been a long year and a lot has happened. Looking back at previous letters, almost all of them mention the pandemic in some way or another and it saddens me that it is still relevant in our […]
Towards the End
With Endwalker ‘fast’ approaching, it is time for a short letter about the state of the FC heading into the expansion, what has been going on and what is planned. First, I would like to mention the two big events going on right now: Kong along with Talon and Jace are hosting the 6th Screenshot […]
3 Years SleepingDragons on Phoenix
Hello everyone! Today the 21st of March 2021, we are becoming 3 years old! Oh gosh, 3 years. I really don’t know where time went, I really feel I have just started out with this. There is so much to do, to improve and people to get know. And while the last year was intense […]
Sometimes you wonder what your role is in the grand design of things. Sometimes you wonder what your role is in a small online community in a niche (is it, though?) japanese video game. Lately I was asked what my role with this company was and I found that the best description was: A listener […]
Merry Christmas 2020
Hello everybody. It has been a though year for like, most of us, but I am pretty sure everybody is sick of reading that already. So – First, right now the FC is at a great point. We have a cute fighting subcommunity, and a learning static!We have people that joined that really established themselves, […]
Memory of Lightwaves
So you all know at least 3 types of companies or guilds in MMOs. Let’s start with the most common one: The bonus-giving AFK-association. Despite the member count being in the low hundreds, nobody talks, nobody interacts with each other and nobody plays together. The only exception to that is the one dungeon per week, […]