Good Morning, SDS!

Good Morning Dragons!
No, it is not Monday, you did not sleep over 2 days after New Year. It is still Saturday, and yes I am doing a morning message. But this one is a special message, it is after all the first morning message of the Year, so I thought of something different this time, so indulge me on this first day of 2022 First and foremost I want to wish you all, an amazing 2022. Over the past year, we had so many ups and downs, both IRL and IG. Second of all, this message is a personal challenge. How so, you ask?
Well, the idea came from an FC rule that our dear @Laila Arrbyte has in place: ” We can not ping everyone in a channel. But we can ping individual members” So I was wondering: “Can I make a message in discord while pinging every single one of you?” But just ping for ping won’t be a challenge at all, so let’s add up some spice. This is my 1st Good Morning message to all of you in the FC: Laila, I already ping you so that is good. Thank you for your hard work one more year. Is true that sometimes things don’t go the way we wish, but you can be happy for a community that you build here. You manage to assemble a team of extraordinary members ( some crazier than others ). I thank you, for accepting me, for not kicking me out ( yes, I would have been kicked), and for the trust you put in me.
@Jasar , oh teacher my teacher. Another year of learning and teaching I would say. I see you growing in this community and being the support that many need. Keep up that good work and those wacky glams!
@Jace / Arîs , shy and timid Jace. How interesting your growth has been in this FC, from your quiet time in FC chat to a Meme Queen. I say, that we had influenced you in the same way you had influenced some of us. you have earned your place among ancients so, be proud of it. And now that all the ancients are done, I can start pinging people left and right non-stop. If not, I will stay here until the next year.

Without further due: @Malkier , keep up being a daddy for the FC, at least until you are a real one ( perhaps I need to talk with your girl for some convincing ). @Mirel , cheer up man, you are far better than you put yourself in your imagination. You have friends and people that admire you in this circle, so for 2022, more positive thoughts. If that doesn’t work, I am always available to spank you up some positive words. @Radca , I still owe you, I did not forget. Let’s have some fun in the year that is coming in the same or even better than the year that passed. If not we can always goof around in Spanish. And speaking in Spanish, @Franky , welcome back once again to our community, and thank you so much for teaching me some cool martial art. @Rox (Vily’a) , you know what you need to do. Start reading Death Note. Kidding kidding, it was a pleasure doing screenshots with you and having some great wipes during Eden runs. And since you are talking about runs.

To those amazing people at Classical raid, @E Talon , @Cho Mane , @Ace (Shae’l) , @Draoi Na hOiche , @Paper Cuts and I am missing people I am certain. Thank you for picking me up in your group, letting me in your merry bunch, and having a really good evening while chatting and fighting. And since I start pinging multiple people already, let boost it shall we: @Pelle Pärkkele and @Ciara ul’mir , our nordic people, where the Sun is rare, you both are luminous. Each one of you brings something unique to this FC. Either cosplay or Quiz, it is a pleasure of mine knowing you. To @Steinar Ironfist and @Azariah Ironfist , fate has some mysterious ways. Destiny chose that we would be linked in a single event. And I am glad that it did. Having a possibility of knowing you both, better, in a single swoop, is marvelous. And knowing you better I did.
The triple threat now: to @Todi (Alaqua) , @Dreydn , and @Ryve . Thank you for teaching me and so many of us so much FF-wise, and thank you for joining us and helping so many of us IG. It was a pleasure to know you all ( well dreydn, we need to talk more often. ) over the year 2021, and I hope we can continue knowing each other over the year 2022. And hi @Luci pretty sure when you are reading this message, either 2022 is upon you or you are already in it. Is always a pleasure talking with you in discord. Even when our timelines don’t align, it is great having you among us.

A little break. So far I ping some of you, but still is missing so many. Why I am doing this? Well, is my way of expressing my depths regards and prays to all of you in the FC. We have been over so many things during 2021. I look back to all the events we did ( Screenshots competition, Mount, Maps, Learning EX fight, Casual talks, my very own Where is in Eorzea? and an FC favorite Hide and Seek ) so many movements within the FC roles, with up and downs. So many join us and some left us. Truly a full year of 2021. I see, once again, the happiness of many of you have in sharing and goofing around, if I had anything to change, it would be my commitment in the first year I join this FC, because other then that, I would not change anything at all, (edited)

On with the show, still have a couple more people to ping. To those quiet people out there, @Brann , @Cid Fabool (owl130y) , @JingjoJojo , @Vivianbel . Hope we can still play and enjoy our time IG. Brann, loved the exchange we had about animation, Cid and Vivianbel, we need to talk more. To discover what makes you guys tick ( waiting for you guys in the next Hide and Seek event ). Jing, is always a pleasure seeing you log in to the game. Join us in one event if you have a little time. @Melech Chant and @Aqu’a, we miss you guys in voice. I am pretty sure that Malkier and Kong and everyone in the FC misses you guys. To @Ciri Arrbyte, our quiet Ciri, thank you for sticking up with this bunch of people from all different countries and wild ideas. I think it is not easy from time to time. @Dash Nemo , we need more cat pictures! a lovely Neko lover.

It was a delight on my part in exchanging with you during the screenshot event ( amazing how family and kids can ruin a little schedule, a little more and 2 weeks were not enough ). @Khim , we miss you. Let us know when you have time to talk a little bit, to know news about you, and how you have been. We are here, just around the corner, always. @Mid, how have you been? It’s been a while since we did some punchy punch ( I know I know, we just had an event but is always nice to have you around ), so when Mid is free, let us know. You are always a great company and great to talk to and spend time with.

@Deathy, we are just starting to know each other, so let’s profit 2022 for that then. @Selva Oscura, you were one of the first people I talk when I join the FC, together with Laila and Ejimso, you had shown me this wonderful place that is Eorzea, you had learned me so much when I had just started the game. That is why I was so happy in repaying you in the same kindness once you had returned for Shadowbringers and show you all the new things in the game. @Ulanne Nefibionne, what a wonderful person you are Ulanne. It was a joy knowing you during this year of 2021. Thank you once again for your help this year. And I can not talk about Ulanne without talking about @Kong . Yes, you Kong, the showman, the mastermind, the competitor, the friend. I count in 2 hands full, in my life, of the people I truly consider my friends. A risk perhaps, but also a security for myself. Fewer possibilities in getting hurt, but also far more painful when it happens. I can say so many things since the moment we met, how things you said changed some of my ideas, how the talks we had led to so many laughs. But all of those, I already said it to you personally. Hoping we can meet up one of these days, have some conversations face to face, and play a couple of games. 2021 only cement, in my opinion, our friendship. I hope this year 2022 can be that much amusing and exciting.

@Mojo, what more can I say, that I did not say to you already? I am so happy that you came back and even happier in joining you again in fights and chats. To my dear friends @Sonja Gugoza and @Elemna Luza, what words can I express that were not already conveyed to you both face to face. It is was a blessing meeting you both, and in my heart you are family. Thank you for 2021, and let us meet more often in 2022 ( see you this Friday ). To all of you that I did not talk that much and know so little : @Nick <Akagi Shibunuri>, @Nym Lihzen, @Tencao, @Xazier Vile, @Am’rha, @Balqar @Ben <Riokou Kabuto>, @Ch’en, @Chumbo, @Cull (Sasha), @Dazai, @Elidea, @Elros Tar, @Fuzzy(Sowah), @Hanzo Blade, @Aevin , and so many more newcomers Let’s make 2022 the year that we exchange and know each one a little bit better. And thus, I come to an end to this “good morning” message. For those I missed ping, I am sorry. This challenge, perhaps, was too greater for a single person. But perhaps I simply wanted to find an excuse to make something different and amusing for the first day of the year. And so, to all of you dented eggs, eggs, dragons, hoard, wryms, and ancient, I wish you a great day.

From yours truly,
Shadow Cross