Merry Christmas 2020

Hello everybody.

It has been a though year for like, most of us, but I am pretty sure everybody is sick of reading that already. So –

First, right now the FC is at a great point. We have a cute fighting subcommunity, and a learning static!
We have people that joined that really established themselves, which, even in not hard times, is often a long and mostly hard process.
So many people showed up for our great FC Screenshot.. It’s amazing! I didn’t expect that! If it’s not on the front page any more here it is:

With names thanks to Kong! Thank you everybody

Our secret Santa event also rocked. People cared about making each other happy so much! It really is something that is very important to me, I will enjoy this memory forever. Thank you Jasar for the great idea and for accomplishing it.
And yeah, Jasar’s and Sonja’s redesign for our house was great. Thank you Qina for crafting the exterior, even when you had to sleep.❤

My last Christmas with the FC was the complete opposite. We hosted a screenshot contest with a Christmas theme but only got 2 participations. In contrast to this: It is amazing to see how much we grew.
Thank you Tiad for sending out gifts to everyone!
Going a bit more in the past, thank you Ryve and Radca and everybody else that made our Among Us nights…. exist? At all? I was always a bit timid and shy to host something outside ffxiv, because it does not really cater to the main base but this just was fun. I shall also not forget our nice Jackbox events thanks to Luci and Ryve! Likewise, I hope next year has them too ^_^
Thank you Jace for joining and picking up responsibility so quick. Hell, you suddenly made mystery Fridays (Black Stories) and even motivated Shadow to co-host Halloween with you. I couldn’t have imagined that before you joined.

We had Darion and Luci host a hide-and-seek event which was great. I hope we can do this in the future too. Well, Darion left, but I am pretty sure I heard our Sonja and Elemna Team is interested in the idea.

We had weddings 2 to be exact. Which well 1 was just of a member that left in friendly terms and invited all of us, and the other one was Tera and Darion.

Short Interject:
I get it does not sound great if I talk about members who left, but let’s be honest: all people shape us that we made memories with and most of us don’t really leave because something went wrong, it’s just more like… things changed and the game or, yes, our community, just weren’t the right fit any more.
I remember most people fondly and miss old times, but never too much to close myself to change, because that is what we do. We change every moment. People grow in themselves, other people bring new energy. Sometimes people leave, and sometimes there are other games to play like Shadowlands or any other game. If you miss somebody right now, see if you still have them on Discord or Steam somehow and just ask what’s up. They will appreciate it since it’s work to stay connected, but it’s usually welcome.

It’s hard to pick up after this, but well… MAHJONG EVENTS.
Thank you, Sonja, for teaching me this stuff but… Sorry… I need another starter event >_<
Then again Sonja, thank you for picking up our Omega Starter Static ™ as the raid leader. Let’s see where we are headed 😊
Then thank you Aqua, for always being there and organizing the gathering event that got crushed.
And just scrolling past the little screenshots I do- I have so many more thanks to give out. So many casual Wednesday where I laughed with Malkier and Melech for example, and every other person mentioned on this page, so many thanks.
I don’t want to force-mention everybody, but well… one more “casual” mention to Ichisen alone for your memes… I know how I remember you. 👀

Thank you, Kong, Shadow and Ryve for leading the FC with me.
Even after you stepped down Kong you didn’t let me down. I likewise do hope Khim can return soonish and you two can share your passion of photography together.
Thank you, Shadow, for being the father of the FC. While your methods sometimes work more or less, I appreciate your input and eagerness on standing by my side.
Thank you, Ryve, for being the galaxy brain of our trio. You might be harsh and strict sometimes, but you bring people the success they need.

I think together we strike a good balance, eh?
But to be real, there is still room for 1 more. But this is a reserved 2021 task.

Thank you that you shared your 2020 with us.
I am excited to spend my 2021 with all of you with all the good and bad it might bring.

For Christmas, we gave away a ton of silver dashers, when we have more you will get yours too!

– Laila Arrbyte