Your first thought about him was:” Who is Kong?” and your second was probably:” If I like screenshots? Why am i being asked that?”.

While he is the nicest FC member (self-proclaimed), I do not know how the FC would fare without him. I am thankful for all the work he puts into his passion. Thank you, Kong.

– Laila

One of the senior members of the FC, also more widely known as “Kong”.

He is a part of our admin trio alongside Shadow Cross and Laila Arrbyte, which are the backbone of our FC that holds everything together. His most defining traits are his honesty and helpfulness, always speaking plainly in a helpful manner and giving constructive criticism when needed.  Kong also serves as a substitute to our leader Laila, so you can always share your concerns and questions with him too. Additional to that, he also founded the so-called “Casual Wednesday” event for the whole FC, where every Wednesday at 18:OO Server time, the members gather up in a discord call and do some casual content in FFXIV, e.g. doing treasure maps or going through older raids. With his sassiness, he breathes a lot of life into the Discord calls and makes them really funny and memorable.

Kong has a great passion for many kinds of things, but among them, his greatest talent and specialty lies in in-game photography. That is why he likes to manage the members page of this website, as it brings him great enjoyment to commit hours of his life just to perform a photoshoot with each member individually and create a perfect picture that represents that person’s personality. This is also why many of our members recognize him as the Master of Photography, even though Kong likes to claim that “it is not that difficult and you just have practice!”.

Outside of the game, he loves spending his time going out to gather up with friends and play pen-and-paper and tabletop games, as well as reading a ton of literature and engrossing himself in media, like sci-fi movies and video games just being a few of his favorites. If you like Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars or strategy games, then you will find yourself talking for hours with Kong on Discord.

All in all, Kong is a great guy that does a lot for our little community and it just would not be the same without him. To any new member, I wholly recommend approaching him if you need someone to talk to. He cares a lot about everyone equally and we are thankful for him being here and greatly respect all the work he puts into our FC.