Hello, this is Laila Arrbyte the Head of the FC 🙂

Also, I created this website to give everybody the chance to create their character a nice portfolio of pictures. Also, I kinda like having my own guide collection.

While I write most stuff under the members, I would welcome if everybody actually felt like adding something on their own portfolio. 👀

Also, I don’t want to sound too dreamy but I aim to actually really know everybody from the FC. I know I cannot keep this up with a steady growing size of an FC, and the ever-changing faces of the game but I think this shapes a community to the better to have somebody to have as a stepping stone into the established dynamics.

So, feel free to chat with me anytime.


Hmm, I could also start telling you about the FC, why, when, how, but I am not certain anybody thinks that’s interesting if he clicked on my profile 😀

If you like Black & White 1 (2001) hit me up, let me crush you.
Apart from that, I am not really playing that much else. A bit Planet Zoo, Beat Saber @University, the Forest every once in a while. Even Rune factory, Banished or the Metal Gear Series.. and Civilization.. and.. I think I might play more games than I thought I would. 😀

Also, my screenshot-skills are not as good as Kongs.

SE, please give me Beastmaster. Please don’t make it limited. That is my biggest wish.