MSC#1 Results: SDS’ favorite movies

Our latest screenshot contest had the prompt to take a picture that showed a scene of your favorite movie. Well, favorite was optional but it had to be a movie and it had to be nothing that was already used in a prior screenshot contest about favorite Disney movies. A broader prompt for more creativity.

Now that the contest has come to an end, it is time for the results. The jury – consisiting of Jace and Kong – sat together. We carefully discussed each entry and came to a decision. And now the wait time is over, so without further ado, let’s check out the entries!

“Another Archaelogical Adventure Awaits” – Gattsu Berserkus

Movie: Indiana Jones

A very simple picture. Loved the glam and the area as it was very befitting for Indiana Jones. The alliteration in the title was well thought. However the lack of a pose for the character left the picture for wanting. A bit more dabbling with emotes and gpose should do the trick. The jury however is happy to see a fledgling photographer and can’t wait to see how the progress will get better with coming contests!

#3 “This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jack SpaRROOOOOOOOW” – by Ciara Ul’mir (co-starring Mirel Moui)

Movie: Pirates of the Carribean – Curse of the Black Pearl

A very dynamic picture. Both characters are in motion and you can clearly see, there is action going on. However, the jury had a hard time recognizing the movie without looking at the title. While the ocean can be seen in the background, there is not a lot else to go by to recognize this as a Pirates movie. The way the characters are posed also hides them to some degree. Mirels face not visible and most of Ciaras costume being hidden by her legs, the jury thought, turning the picture to another angle might have shown us a bit more.

#2 “Frodo is worried. Sting is glowing blue, so orcs must be nearby” – Vily’a Maimhov (co-starring Laila Arrbyte)

Movie: Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring

The jurys first impression of this picture was “quite simple and bland”. Not a lot of dynamic poses, simple glam, simple area. However, the longer we looked at this picture, the more detail we were able to find and the more we enjoyed it. The glam, while simple, fits well to the movie cosplayed. The use of the weapons shimmer is greatly executed. Laila is hidden in the background but not hidden enough to not be noticed by Rox’ eye direction and the contrast of orc green against lush green leaves. An image that shows an eye for detail, well executed. If it might have hit us with all of this at first glance, it could have taken first place.

#1 “My neighbour Vanu Vanu” by Laila Arrbye

Movie: My neighbour Totoro

A very on point picture for the prompt. The jury was able to recognize the movie and the according scene at first glance, the title confirmed it. A very creative use of the Vanu costume and umbrella accessoires, while the costume for the co-star (Vily’a?) is recognizably close to the original scene. The area and weather is well chosen, making this image an all in all great package for “eye of detail”. The jury could hardly find anything to do differently. An easy and simple scene and setting chosen to reimagine, but greatly executed. A well deserved first place. Congratulations!

The great conclusion

This contest might not have gotten a lot of entries in comparison to prior contests, yet we had great joy in receiving each entry and analyzing them. If we saw one pattern here, then it was, that most contestans went with very simple scenes, mostly concenctrating their focus on getting the glamour and locations right. While this might sound like an easy way out, the jury is aware that finding just the right piece of clothing, the right location, especially if the right weather isn’t there for scouting and planning everything, can just as hard and nerve-wrecking as going for the right pose and angle in Gpose.

We were also pleasantly surprised that most contestants went for scenes that required assistance and recruited accordingly, just as we were surprised that the there was an assistant that did so, even if the prize pool never mentioned anything for co-stars. To make up for that, the jury will give said co-star the participation prize as well. After all, they did participate to some degree, right?

With that in mind, we’d like to conclude the contest results. We thank everyone for participating and we hope to see you all in the next contest, be that for us as jury again or as fellow contestants. The prizes will be handed out shortly.