Photo Compo #1 Results

Sorry for the wait! Here, enjoy the results!

Place #5

Jace – Reflections of City Spring,

Ciara – Most spring like thing we have

Dash Ides of March!

Jace, Ciara and Dash!
Yes, the numbers don’t lie! You somehow magically landed all on the same Star rating!

Ciara and Dash got exactly the same votes :eyes: and Jace got there too, even though with totally different ratings! I did not expect that.
Are 5 Options to vote not enough? How many decimals do you want me to pull out?

Thank you for participation and your snowy goodness

Place #4

Warden – Perks Of The Job

With a slightly higher star rating. You were the first to submit, and made me feel what kind of wintery contest this is going to be! Thank you a lot ~

Place #3

Nayuki – Sweet Thickness

A well deserved 3rd place, I do hope people spot the loaded bee on your pic though 😀

Place #2

Denim – Dreaming of Yesteryear

For people who missed the slideshow, it’s made in Paraguay!

Place #1

Rox – Instead of spring, he found the end of the bottle


Here are all Ratings. Hope its readable!

Here are the other Entries! Thank you all for doing this contest with me, and I hope it inspired you to watch the surrounding nature change. It was quite a bit of work to organize, but also a lot of fun.


Ciri – After German hibernation

Shadow – With Spring, a brand-new Year starts!

Moss – Totally Japan

Jasar – A Sunny Walk

Ejimso – Feeding Green

Mojo – Sakura Nights