MSC#1: Cosplay your favourite movie!

So Kong and Jace decided it was the start of a new year and that should bring new events. So we went to the drawing board for a week and thought about how to design a new form of entertainment for all the members of Sleeping Dragons that we love so dearly.
So here is our most creative idea:
Welcome to the first Sleeping Dragons … Mini Screenshot Contest!
Well well well, y’all didn’t expect this one, eh? Probably feeling pretty overwhelmed right now.
So let’s kick this off.

What is the theme?

“Cosplay your favourite movie/series!”

What are the rules for the theme?

When sending an entry to us you have to name the movie or series that you want to cosplay from.

No motif from a previous screenshot contest! Especially not the animation contest (the third one).

Do not use any third party tools to post-process your screenshots. This is supposed to be an even playing field.

Please use the in-game screenshot tool. No Snipping tool!

Caption your picture! From all the times I have been a jury member I now want to add this as a soft rule, as it always influences the jury’s perception of a picture. I don’t care if your caption is cool, witty or absolutely barbaric! Make it count!

When can I enter?

From the 18th of January 2023 to the 22nd of February 2021

5 weeks to get the perfect picture! No excuses!
Check Discord for more information!

How do I enter?

Capture a screenshot that follows the established theme, and submit your entry directly to Jace or Kong on Discord.

Be sure to include the following information when submitting your entry:

Take one (1) screenshot of your character following the theme of “Cosplay your favourite movie/series!”.

Caption the picture!
So the jury knows what it is looking at.

Clarify the name of the protagonist! (Chances are the jury cannot differentiate between your rapidly changing characters)

What can I win?

First (1.) Place: 1 item of your choice + 2 million gil
Second (2.) Place: 1 item of your choice + 1.5 million gil
Third (3.) Place: 1 item of your choice + 1 million gil

Every participant: 500.000 gil entry bonus

The Mounts that can be chosen:
Dhalmel x1
Antelope Stag x2
Zu x9
Sildihn Throne x1
The Minions that can be chosen:
Abroader Otter x2
Benben Stone x2
Meerkat x2
Silver Dasher x2
Sharksucker-class Submersible x2
Clockwork Novus D x1
Syldrion-class Submersible x2
Magitek Predator F-1 x1
Fenrir Pup x1
Baby opo-opo x1
Trike x1
Koala Joey x1
Littlefoot x1
Armadillo Bowler x1
Petit Pteranodon x1
Sungold Talos x1
Lesser Panda x2

Byakko Barding
Seiryu Barding
False Classic Spectacles x3
Blue Bossom Parasol x4

How will the winner be determined?

For the eighth instance of our contest we go small! The jury will be composed of Jace Nolan and Sejlea Hakonge.
And here is a quick look behind the curtains:
While I will definitely take a look at your Gpose-skill and technical prowess, we will also judge the images around emotional impact and motif. We all account for the difficulty of the picture and glam!
So here are some tips:

1. Emotional impact has been shown to be super important. Art needs to have a reaction so make us laugh, feel inspired, nostalgic, make us sad, but most importantly make your picture memorable!

2. Find a good balance between difficulty and good looking! Not everything that is super difficult is also a great motif for your picture and not everything that is super easy to achieve is impressive.

3. Decide on a focus point: Blast us away with technical skill? Be the most hilarious picture? Find that boss fight that triggers really great memories for the jury? All is fair in love and screenshot contests!

None of the jury members are participating in this contest.

But how do we take good screenshots?

Check out our inhouse beginners guide for Gpose: *click*

Here are some further guides to take good gpose screenshots in Final Fantasy XIV

Nothing left to say except: Have fun!