7th Screenshot Contests Results!

The results for all the challenges are now here.

If you want to check out the Freeform Entries, you can do so in the last page of this post 🙂

Challenge #3 – That one time, while playing FF…

For the past two challenges, we did original memes and recreated existing memes. For this final one, however, we moved away from memes and towards another art form. We asked participants to tell us about a FFXIV memory – be it their best, worst or weirdest – in form of a comic strip. This meant plotting a short story and telling it through multiple screenshots. Since this is a lot to ask of one person, this challenge was meant for duos.

So, one last time, let’s see the entries!

3rd Place – “Journeys” by Laila and Mirel

To start off, Laila and Mirel send us down memory lane with this tour of graves, some depressing, some not so much. The poses are nice, especially in the third picture, and the backgrounds are very varied while maintaining a cohesive narrative. All in all, a nice entry that played with our heartstrings like a fiddle >:(

2nd Place – “A Classic Sprout Dungeon Run” by Jace and Aurelle

Jace and Aurelle came in with a nice story about sprouts and their misadventures. The use of stickers is very nice and creative, and they fit perfectly into the comic idea. The poses are fun and show a lot of emotion, and the story is well developed throughout the screenshots with the help of the stickers. Overall, a very nice entry that brings us back to our sprout times 😀

1st Place – “The Light at the End of the Tunnel Can Also Be a Mega Beam” by Ciara and Isiir

So here we are. Again with these two. But its difficult to argue against their entry. The lighting work is great, with the blue highlights of the beam, then using it to display emotion later on. Some of the screenshots are taken during combat, which is a painful process that they handled very well. Storywise, the comic tells a nice, coherent and self-contained story, mostly through the screenshots without too much reliance on the text. A great entry that will surely bring some memories to Classic Raiders.

So that’s it for this edition of the Screenshot Contest. It was a very experimental edition, but hopefully we can learn things from it and do it even better next time. I hope everyone had a good time both creating and viewing the screenshots, I know the jury did. Again, remember you can see the Freeform Entries at the last page of this post. See you next time 🙂

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