7th Screenshot Contests Results!

Challenge #2 – One does not simply walk into Garlemald

For the first challenge we came up with some new, original memes from our FFXIV experiences. However, there’s a ton of memes out there. From memes based on movies and games to frogs and random drawings. So, for this challenge, instead of coming up with an original meme, we asked you to take a preexisting meme and recreate it in FFXIV. We got a lot of good entries this week, so let’s get into it.

And now, let’s get into the entries!

“FROG WOW” by Laila

Laila starts us off with a recreation of one of her most used emojis. She has matched the source image very well, with a lot of accuracy, BUT ONE DETAIL. As petty as it sounds, it bugged the jury quite a bit that it’s the opposite side of the original. Yet pondering the question if it was on purpose or to drive us mad with the change, we appreciate the simpleness and boldness of this meme. Thank you!

Frog is love, frog is life.

“With My Friends” by Ayca

A nice entry this time from Ayca. It was a difficult meme to recreate, with multiple pictures and multiple poses, so we appreciated the effort that went into it. The ripped paper border is busy, but an interesting choice, it works well to the lower edge but the seperation of the 1st and 2nd panel is kinda harmed. A quick fix would be a white seperator line. A very solid entry with lots of potential, so we are sure it will only get better in future contests!

Playing hide and seek in Garlemald is the savage version of hide and seek…

“Is this a Bird?” by Mojo

Another well executed entry. The background and the whole setting is a bit too different from the original, but it was good in its own creative way. We also liked that the glamour, while different from the original, still captured the feeling very well. Overall, a solid effort from Mojo.

“Touch here to edit text” 😀

“This is Fine” by Xyhala

Xyhala either wants to bring us chaos, or heat in general (maybe even both). We loved the accuracy in the table with the cup. The text is a bit small, but this is, again, a very solid entry and a very nice recreation!

This summer, I’ve been recreating this meme every day while drinking my morning coffee…

“A Healer??” by Jace

Seems familiar, right?😂 As you can see, great minds think alike, and Jace and Mojo had the same idea. This iteration, however, is a bit more in line with the original in terms of background and positioning, which gave it a tiny edge. This is a very good recreation, nice job!

I’ve played RDM too much, I felt this one deeply…

“King Kong” by Kong

What an entry this one is. Kong came in with a very original twist on the meme, and an amazing recreation of the same. In regard to the technical aspect, we found the lighting a bit dark for it being daytime, but it is nearly flawless otherwise. You can tell a lot of effort and creativity went into this in order to recreate the source with Kong’s own twist, so props for that 🙂

You’re goddamn right.

3rd Place – “Lalafell Godfather” by Ryve

Ryve gets into the top 3 with a very angry Lala, as it should be. The theme and general execution is very much on point. We felt the technical part holds it a bit back, but the idea behind it is good and fun enough that we could overlook those issues and give this entry a place in the podium. I mean, look at him, he might order someone to break our legs if we didn’t.

Now the buzzcut Lala will haunt me in my dreams. Cheers.

2nd Place – “Distracted Mind” by Ciara

Ciara has been on fire so far in this Screenshot Contest. I feel I could explain this placing by saying “Ciara is Ciara”, but let’s get into it 😀 Just like last time, it was super close between the second and first place, but this time Ciara lost the top position just on some minor technicalities. “Why didn’t the glamour girl wear a red shirt like in the original?!?!” was the most common issue, but other than that the other two glamours are very faithful, as well as the expressions and emotes being used. From a technical standpoint, the lighting is very good and the focus is very clearly on the characters. Just an amazing entry all in all, with a nice relatable twist on the original meme and a lot of effort put into it. We want more!

Pff, just get a loan and do both. Who needs gil anyway.

1st Place – “Here could stand a creative title for my meme… IF I HAD ONE” by Isiir

And our winner this time is none other than Isiir! What to say about this one. The recreation of the source image is brilliant, with the ground and wall colors matching, along with the glamour and even hairstyle choice being very much on point. Technically, it is also nearly spotless, with some very good usage of lighting to show the difference in emotions between the pictures. To be a bit nitpicky, the first image could use a slightly different angle to better match the original. The poses are very good, but we would have liked some more anger in the second one, which could be attributed to Viera being Viera… But these are minor nitpicks. This is a brilliant entry and, we feel, a very worthy winner of this second challenge! Congratulations!

Bunnyboy: tries to looks angry. Cries.

That’s it for this challenge. Congratulations to all the participants, the jury was blown away by the entries this week. It was very difficult to put some on top of the others, so everyone can very feel proud of their entry, and I hope we will see more from all of you in the final challenge 🙂

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