And they lived happy ever after

Animation, the art of which still figures are manipulated to appear as moving images. The word itself, comes from the Latin that translates “a bestowing of life”.

Here is the results of the 4th Sleeping Dragons Screenshot Contest, Classic Animation Cosplay “Take in consideration that all these rankings are relative and that we appreciate the time and effort of all participations. Once again, it was a wonderful event.
And now, On with the show!

5th “A good day after cursing your princess”

Laila Arrbyte

Laila presented an amazing villain screenshot. All juries agreed that her technique and colour decision were on point. Unfortunately, neither of the jury manage to figure out which villain she was from the animations.
But if she isn’t, we think Disney should take note. Very good job

4th “You’re Welcome”

Sejlea Hakonge and Pelle Paerkelle

Former Screenshot Jury and Ancient Sejlea, erf, we mean, Kong and our Hulk-y Roegadyn Pelle give us a very accurate scene from Disney’s Moana. With Pelle impersonating (and beating) Dwayne Johnson’s Maui and lovely Kong impersonating Moana.
Lovely execution of the scene from the movie, simple and powerful. Kong’s technique can be seen in this image, but we thought the lighting was a little off from some reason, and did not made justice to the bright colors of the original scene.


What have you done to Olaf, Elsa?

Before showing the top 3, I will like to add something. Review and judging our fellow members made me (and I think all the juries) appreciate the hard work that is put in these events. It is events like these that show that the imagination has no limits and that even in a Japanese game, we can recreate our favourites scenes in movies and animations when we were kids.And with that said, the TOP 3

3th Fantasia (because that’s the name of the game)

Asherya Redstorm

A very strong participation from Asherya. As her second time participating in the screenshot contest, she brings one wonderful surprise. All juries were very please in seeing Disney’s Fantasia been put against some of the most known animations. She manage to capture the magic and the atmosphere of the movie, with the nice touch of the broomminion. The use of the border wasn’t really necessary in the view of the jury, but other than that an excellent screenshot

2nd  A very merry unbirthday to you

Jace Nolan (on the right).

My friend from outside the FC on the left

Ahhh, Alice in Wonderland. The colours and joyful scene made us plunge right into that tea party. Jace caught the essence of this animation, making it very hard to decide between 1st or 2nd place. Majority wins. But, we cant neglect the amazing work that Jace did ( to the point in asking a friend to pose with her ).
We have hopes in seeing more participations from Jace in the future!

1st Beauty and The Beast

Sonja Gugoza and Khim Ebonweave

The first entry was the image that has blown every person on the jury away on accounts of accuracy, skill and colours. Khim experience and eye for detail it is shown on and he has a lovely partner to help boost it. Really well-executed and amazing lighting. The use of the ballroom in Eulmore was a wonderful idea that brought this image to first place

And that is it. I want to thank you to all participants for your time and effort, for these amazing memories that all your screenshots brought us, the feeling of nostalgia was really in the air while all juries made their decisions. Be proud of all your images and we hope see you all in the next contest.