Classic Raiders

Fellow dragons, welcome our new classic section, where we experience battles from the past in their intended (synced) form.

Classic Extreme:

New and veteran player are all welcome to join our extreme trials. You will always be provided a guide to watch, or you can jump in blind if you so will.

Classic Raids:

New and veteran player are all welcome to join our savage raids. You will always be provided a guide to watch, please prepare accordingly

Our Discord, to get in touch!
How to get in touch?

Join us on Discord, visit #❗get-roles and obtain your 🔱Classic Raids role!
Feel free to then chat on in #🏰classic-center in your newly unlocked role.

When is usually classic raid?

Usually on Mondays around 18:30 ST/19:30 GMT/20:30 CEST.
To know the raid for this week, check out #⏳dates with the 🔱Classic Raids role!

I work in shifts, I can’t join every time.

This is not a static*, and the content is dynamic, so if you feel like experiencing a singular fight and leave, or just for a single night, that’s fully ok!

*static means group of 8 people that never changes, it’s commonly used in ffxiv.

I am not in the FC, but I would like to join.

If you are not in the FC, you are still free to get the role and join! Just keep in mind, when we are more than 8 members, somebody has to sit back. But until now it was not a real issue, and a person just streams, and we just watch the stream together in discord and do a bit hot-seating.

I want to clear X synced. How is the schedule decided?

You can decide the schedule as much as everybody else. ♥ Just ask in #🏰classic-center. Just keep in mind, that it’s just once a week, and it takes a bit to get to it. And every duty has a small “cooldown” so people don’t get burned out too quickly.

I just want to watch (for my first time), is that ok?

Yeah! Luckily our discord is boosted, so the quality is usually very nice, but sometimes it can also lag out badly depending on who streams. Just say so and somebody else will gladly stream too!
But we are not recording this.