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6th Screenshot Contest – Phase 3
In 7 days - Sun 20:00ST, 31 Oct 2021
All entries displaying the struggle between “Light vs. Dark” have been received and Jace and Talon are still stunned by all your creativity. So I will use that time to announce the third theme: It is time to get spooky and dance the danse macabre with us! The third theme will be “Spooky Dragons”! More […]
by Kong
Where is in Eorzea – Ishgard Version
Fri 18:20ST, 22 Oct 2021
Good evening, Bonsoir, Guten Abend, Buenas noches, Konbanwa It is time for another Where is in Eorzea? Ever wonder how the graphical team of FF14 manage to make this amazing places that we so often miss or neglect in our sprint to level up? There is some locations with great details and hidden spots that […]
by Shadow Cross
Hidden Tomestone Gorge
Wed 18:15ST, 20 Oct 2021
Let’s do some casual PvP with robots for moogle event tomestones 🙂 Technically if you win you get more tomestones, but if you lose you also get some, so this is a classic ‘win-win’ situation, where you can win a little or win more than a little. As they say, win win, for winning twice […]
by Jasar
The Painting Tutorial Stream
Wed 16:00ST, 20 Oct 2021
I will try out my streaming setup and do some basic steps and explanations on how to paint miniatures (well). Very informal and with loads of questions, answers and some general social aspects. Everyone welcome!
by Kong
6th Screenshot Contest – Phase 2
Sun 20:00ST, 17 Oct 2021
The entries for “Summer, Sun and Sporty Times” came in and we were absolutely blown away by your entries! Phase 2 shall be a bit more difficult… just as difficult as the eternal struggle of “Light vs. Dark”! More information about the contest is here: Good luck to all participants!
by Kong
Serious Wednesday: AniManga as medium
Wed 18:00ST, 13 Oct 2021
Welcome to the second rendition of “Serious Wednesday” and this time the topic will be… anime? Yes, you heard right. I want to take a look at anime and manga as a medium and how it might have changed over the ages from hand drawn series that took their sweet time to digitally drawn seasonal […]
by Jace Nolan
Alexander Raid Normal
Thu 18:20ST, 7 Oct 2021
Improv Event! Alexander Raid ( Normal ) I will be doing Alexander runs for all those that wish to start and complete it. I invite all FC members that have finish the LV60 MSQ quest Heavensward ( ) and unlock the quest “Disarmed” ( ) This is a 2 days event. I will […]
by Shadow Cross
6th Screenshot Contest – Phase 1
Sat 16:00ST, 2 Oct 2021
And we are going live with Phase 1. You had time to think about the theme and prepare some glamours so lets see how this one will turn out! More information about the contest is here: Good luck to all participants!
by Kong
Pub simulation Quiz vol 2
Fri 18:00ST, 1 Oct 2021
OH shit, here we go again. The beacon of Amon Din has been lit, and it’s time for Dragons to gather. I hereby call the gathering of the smartest, the luckiest, the boldest and the damn straight stupidest of you all, to compete for the right to say I was smarter than . The rules […]
by Pelle "Pellempi" Paerkkele
Casual Wednesday – Fates Edition
Wed 18:00ST, 29 Sep 2021
Ever heard about Shared Fates? Ever realised how long it takes to grind everything to rank 3 just for he nice “Completed” sign? Ever saw the list of rewards for all those Bicolor Gemstones? No? Then it is high time to join the suffering! Yes? Then let’s continue the suffering! We all know: The more […]
by Jace Nolan
Dented Eggs – Episode 3: Revenge of the Podcast
Sat 14:00ST, 25 Sep 2021
Previously on Dented Eggs: This time they will sadly not be able to dodge the topic. There will be a certain time slot in which Malkier and Kong will be talking about “the topic” and they will drag Mirel along for the ride. Please remember to send in whatever you wish them to talk […]
by Mirel & Malkier & Kong
Casual Wednesday – Maps Maps Maps
Wed 18:00ST, 22 Sep 2021
Yes, it’s time for some maps again. Whether you’re hunting achievements, crafting materials, other treasure or just feel the thrill of the hunt, everyone is welcome. Feel free to smuggle in any kind of maps you like, be it for heavensward, stormblood or shadowbringers. Timeworn Dragonskin Map for Heavensward Timeworn Gazelleskin Map for Stormblood Timeworn […]
by Rox
6th Screenshot Contest – Signup Phase
Sun 8:00ST, 19 Sep 2021
The Sixth SDS Screenshot Challenge Please sign up for the Sixth Screenshot Contest here by using the SDS-Icon Emote on this post! The contest itself starts on the 19th! Now you know the first theme, but can’t take a picture as you are missing your partner. So start strategizing 😛 Good Luck!
by Kong
Endwalker Class Reveal: under the loop
Sat 17:00ST, 18 Sep 2021
As we say goodbye to Shadowbringers and see Endwalker on the horizong there will be Live Letter LXVI during the night of Friday to Saturday 17/09 -> 18/09. In here we will be getting a lot of information about Endwalker and importantly for this event, the Endwalker Class Reveal video. This video shows all the […]
by Ryve
Shades of Blu
Wed 18:00ST, 15 Sep 2021
Blue was first produced by the ancient Egyptians who figured how to use it for decorative arts. The color blue continued to evolve for the next 6,000 years. Today it continues to evolve, with the latest shade discovered less than a decade ago. And that shade was BLUE MAGE. Join, join, JOIN, and enjoy the […]
by Jasar Dann
Talon-eshi’s Castle
Wed 18:00ST, 8 Sep 2021
Monkeys, Tigers, Bears and……. Dragons? The Jungle Book is coming to Fall Guys so let’s go wild! Let’s just switch off for the night and have some mindless fun.
by E Talon
It’s gonna be UNREAL!
Sun 16:00ST, 5 Sep 2021
We are going to play Unreal Tournament 2004! Jumping between Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Assault!
by Kong
The dino game
Fri 18:00ST, 3 Sep 2021
just ex tempore decision to make use of a server that I’m running but not using atm and why not try this out??? So have you ever dreamed about having your own T-rex? Or maybe you have always wanted to control the army of Dodos armed with C4? it is all now possible when I […]
by Pelle Paerkkele
What you mean these ghosts are hostile?
Wed 18:00ST, 1 Sep 2021
If there’s something strange In your neighbourhood Who you gonna call? … well they were busy and this is what you get. So I want to invite you all to celebrate the new big patch In phasmofobia and do some friendly ghost hunting with nice people. No matter if you are a new or hardened […]
by Pelle Paekkele feat CrellaFox
Post-Work League (oL) Chillout
Tue 18:00ST, 31 Aug 2021
I invite people to join me for some laid-back rounds of League to relax from the workday. Either ARAM or Normal games. No stress at all. I can teach the basics as well. 18:00-20:00 ST usually (or until I get my daily win if that doesn’t work in those 2 hours)
by Kong