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Chaos quiz
In 6 days - Fri 18:00ST, 29 Sep 2023
Hey folks, it’s quiz time! But this time around things will be a little bit different. I have for you a quiz about FF14, nerdy stuff, geeky stuff and gaming stuff….. but wait…. I said it was going to be different? In this quiz there will be a little more than just question and answer. […]
by Ryve
Casual (Wednesday) Hangout
Wed 18:00ST, 20 Sep 2023
Exhausted from work? Lost in the gorges of Rival Wings? Need a break from Praetorium? Let’s spend Wednesday evening together in voice chat then! Just some casual hanging out, catching up with people and maybe we can run some roulettes together 🙂
by Jace & Shadow
Casual Wednesday – Even more Rival Wings
Wed 18:00ST, 13 Sep 2023
Still need an ungodly amount of those pesky moogle tomestones? Me too. Join me in suffering. With robots. 😀
by Rox
Time to farm some dragons
Wed 19:00ST, 6 Sep 2023
Gather your weapons!! It is time to farm some Shadowbringer Extremes for our very own robot chicken. So bring your lvl 80-90 class and join the fun✌️
by Ciara
404 Image
Rival Wings – Casual Edition!
Wed 18:00ST, 30 Aug 2023
Come for a chill introduction to PvP in FFXIV! Suitable for all levels of experience, we will hang in voice and queue as a group to run a few matches of Rival Wings. For new players, we can help you set your PvP abilities and explain how the matches work. As an added bonus, this […]
by Mojo
Casual Wednesday – Phasmophobia
Wed 18:00ST, 23 Aug 2023
Let’s hunt some ghosts. I heard there’s a shiny new update and all.
by Rox
Casual Wednesday: Jackbox Edition
Wed 18:00ST, 16 Aug 2023
Hey everyone, For this Casual Wednesday your host does not have an ongoing FFXIV subscription. But what I do have is… a standing plea for Jace to co-host with me so we have some Jackbox Games to play together. See you at 18:00 Server time to test your wits and knowledge!
by Kong & Jace
Blu Mage Funsies!
Wed 18:00ST, 26 Jul 2023
Lets level your blu. lets do dungeons. lets get stuffs. lets do blue quests. (image not included, but its blue!)
by Laila Arrbyte
Sound of….
Wed 18:00ST, 19 Jul 2023
Hello party people My brain was lying to me and said I already put this up last week but seems not. So what Is Pelle doing again? who knows Why is he doing it? Because I did not get a change to take part last time we did this…. So to put this short I […]
by Pelle Paerkkele
8th Screenshot contest | Show & Meme
Fri 18:00ST, 7 Jul 2023
The Screenshot event is over, the dice have fallen. Now it’s MY turn! Join me, Xy, in looking at the submitted pictures, talking about them and definitely memeing about em! I’ve prepared a fantastico slide presentation that definitely doesn’t have memes in it! ( I lied, it does. A lot ) So come and join […]
by Xy