Our Events
The Great Event Pic Show Off!
In 2 days - Tue 18:00ST, 4 Apr 2023
Thank you for all your great submissions! On Tuesday, I have prepared a great presentation with submitted rated and non-rated pictures and hopefully a bit of music for you. Additionally, the voting period for everybody will start, it will be explained here in voice and in text in the voting discord channel. Voting will last […]
by Laila
Themed Photo – Competition
Sat 00:00ST, 1 Apr 2023
We have a theme: “Reflections of Springtime.” You have to be the creator of the photo. No 3rd party content. Retouching and collages are allowed. Shitty mobile phone camera, welcome. Deadline 1st April. Submit by sending it to Laila Arrbyte in Discord. Everybody on this discord can enter. Your pictures will be published on the […]
by Laila Arrbyte
At the sunset of fourth day we raid
Thu 18:00ST, 30 Mar 2023
The people have spoken, and the traditional Monday shall be replaced by Thursday. So grab your axe, staff, book or whatever pointy thing you can find. Sleeping dragons are going to face Eden. So what will I need to take part in this challenge? -LVL 80 Combat class (I know botanist has a scythe, but […]
by Pelle "Pellempi" Paerkkele
Who are you wearing?
Wed 19:00ST, 29 Mar 2023
A lot of new people have appeared lately, and I have not gotten a chance to talk to any of you (life who could have guessed) so join me Wednesday to have a pleasant chat and showcase our favourite glamours (I know you have one… And if not, this is a perfect opportunity to get […]
by Pelle "Pellempi" Paerkkele
Mappy time desu <3
Wed 19:00ST, 22 Mar 2023
People have voted and we shall run some maps for our CW event. Bring at least 3 maps with you and let’s try to get some money, minions and mounts. I was thinking on focusing Endwalker mads so: kumbhiraskin and ophiotauroskin. But if people want to do older maps that is always possibility.
by Ciara Ul'mir
Work = money, so let’s fight on Tuesday instead
Tue 19:00ST, 21 Mar 2023
So it has fallen upon us!! Me and Pelle have both late shifts on Monday so we shall move our weekly raiding event to TUESDAY. Same starting time and same fights as last week (O1s and O2s) but now we shall try with min-item-lvl ^o^/ Whooo <3 We might even make it more spicy by […]
by Ciara
Casual Wednesday – PvP
Wed 19:00ST, 15 Mar 2023
Do you need to level up your PvP series level, or are you just feeling the urge to fight some people? This PvP event might be for you. Probably the usual Crystalline Conflict and try to get in the same match. Or just join for a chat.
by Rox
Monday raid night
Mon 19:00ST, 13 Mar 2023
Hii-a Have you ever wanted to test your mettle with the old toughest content that FF xiv has to offer, but don’t know where to start? Does the idea of random people shouting at you in PF give you nightmares? Well, look no further since Sleeping Dragons offer you a safeish and somewhat relaxing environment […]
by Pelle Paerkkele
FFXIV Jeopardy Quiz
Fri 19:00ST, 10 Mar 2023
It’s time for another quiz event. Pelle has given us many good ones, but this time around I will be hosting. This quiz will focus on FFXIV, the critically acclaimed MMORPG, with an expanded free trial…. The event will be styled after Jeopardy, a long running tv quiz. No need to worry if you don’t […]
by Ryve
Ceetreme – the newest extreme
Wed 19:00ST, 8 Mar 2023
Be level 90 and a decentish ilvl and subbed. Ah, and unlock the extreme. that would be nice. Its the 4th one of the expansion pack. i am a bit rusty myself, but i dont care. lets learn it together. again. If you dont want to join the fight, feel free to bounce in our […]
by Laila