Our Events
Secret Dragon III
In 10 days - Tue 15:00ST, 6 Dec 2022
It’s that time of the year again. Christmas lights, nice food, awful songs, snow… And gifts. Lots of gifts. Everyone loves them, right? That’s why our very own Secret Dragon is back for its third iteration! If you want to share a bit in the Christmas spirit, share some gifts with FC members and have […]
by Jasar
Among Dragons
In 4 days - Wed 19:00ST, 30 Nov 2022
Before we enter the season of good will, let’s have some deception and murder!
by E Talon
SleepingDragons’ Sprout Pursuit
Wed 19:00ST, 16 Nov 2022
It’s time for a quest like no other. Despair and hardship, hope and joy. Can you endure? Will you succumb? The fate of the FC lays in your hands. Eh, maybe a bit too epic. So, we are doing a recruiting event. Recruiting is boring, hard and frustrating. Tinder (Ultimate), you could call it. But […]
by Jasar
Hide and Seek!
Wed 19:00ST, 9 Nov 2022
O come all ye Dragons, mighty and immense. Now, hide your immense bodies in whatever little box or corner you can find! The game for Casual Wednesday is hide and seek! The hosts? Mojo and Shadow! Let’s get in touch with our inner children and try to outsmart the seeker. All you need is to […]
by Mojo and Shadow
Mystery Friday – Anniversary
Fri 18:00ST, 28 Oct 2022
HALLOWEEN IS NIGH! And with it comes… MURDER! And I invite you all to solve it. For it is time for another Mystery Friday! Not only that, but the anniversary of this event series as well! Join Shadow and I in another round of classic Black Stories from me and…. FANTASY ones by Shadow. That’s […]
by Jace & Shadow
Fashion Show (with prizes!)
Wed 18:00ST, 26 Oct 2022
After a long wait it is time again for another fashion show! For those of you unfamiliar with the event, I will give a prompt, such as “Your favorite Beast Tribe” and then you will have a set time to come up with a glamour that fits it. In this edition we are changing a […]
by Jasar
Jackbox Party Pack Party
Fri 18:00ST, 21 Oct 2022
Let’s all come together to have a party. And with party I mean thinking of funny answers to weird questions, having badly drawn mascots fight each other, or brutally murder each other in a game of trivia… The possibilites are endless! Well, not really, but close to it. It is time, for another Jackbox Party […]
by Jace Nolan
Where is in Eorzea? 2nd Edition
Fri 18:20ST, 14 Oct 2022
Fall is here and with it comes new anime seasons, new TV shows and those somewhat awfull Christmas specials that we simply cant watch. Is been so long and I wonder if you still remember this little event that I created. Well, no matter. It is time for another Where is in Eorzea? – Season […]
by Shadow Cross
Innocence & more mount grind
Wed 18:00ST, 12 Oct 2022
Bring a lvl 80 at least, and have some duties unlocked. Innocence extreme at minimum would be nice, so we have common ground to start on. The rest we can decide on the go!
by Laila Arrbyte
Casual Wednesday – Maps No. 978
Wed 18:00ST, 5 Oct 2022
Let’s keep it simple. We bring maps, we decipher maps, kill mobs, open treasure chests and then cry that no portals will show up. And if a portal shows up, it will probably throw us out after the first room. The achievements are a lie anyway. *ahem* I mean… it’s treasure maps, people. Bring any […]
by Jace Nolan