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Profile Picture Photoshoot
20:00ST on Wednesday 30/06/2021
This one is to get our member’s page a bit quicker up to date and I don’t have a clue who is elligible for a member’s page or who actually wants to have a picture taken by me. Disclaimer: This is a service I provide in my free time and nothing that has to happen. […]
by Kong
Where is in Eorzea? – La Noscea Edition
18:30ST on Friday 18/06/2021
Good morning, Bonjour, Guten Morgen, Buenos dias, Hyvaa huomenta It is time for another Where is in Eorzea? Ever wonder how the graphical team of FF14 manage to make this amazing places that we so often miss or neglect in our sprint to level up? There is some locations with great details and hidden spots […]
by Shadow Cross
Casual Wednesday – E3 Edition
18:00ST on Wednesday 16/06/2021
Hello, ladies, look at your Wednesday evening, now back to this event, now back at your Wednesday evening, now back to this event. Sadly, it isn’t this event, but if it stopped having social anxiety and switched to excessive amounts of shittalking, it could feel like it’s Casual Wednesday. Look down, back up, where are […]
by Kong
Friday Fisticuffs
17:00ST on Friday 11/06/2021
Ladies and Degenerates of the Sleeping Dragons Free Company! This Friday marks the beginning of a beautiful relationship. A relationship between our very own Fight Club, and a brand new game called Guilty Gear STRIVE! Join us, and revel in the beautiful graphics, the amazing character design, and the degenerate discussions as we beat each […]
by Mirel Moui
There are Sleeping Dragons Among Us
16:00ST on Wednesday 09/06/2021
Another Among Us event! Always a popular game. Let’s play it again. πŸ˜€ Everyone is welcome to join. Need the game to play, but everyone is welcome to watch. A great way for newcomers to socialize and everyone to get together again. We may or may not use Crewlink. Will be decided at a later […]
by Ryve Sontek
Friday Fisticuffs
17:00ST on Friday 04/06/2021
Due to the devs of Fantasy Strike thinking LOBBIES aren’t a necessity in a fighting game, we are now switching gears a bit. Instead of stressing out over whether to gate this event behind a needed purchase or to let newcomers join for free, I am letting you decide for me! Our alternatives are: Brawlhalla […]
by Mirel Moui
CW Phasmophobia / Fall Guys
19:00ST on Wednesday 02/06/2021
OooooooooOooooo Spooky~ Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening my fellow happy people (and Sunnie) Its CW *again* is swear this event comes around like once a week or something. Phasmophobia time this week followed closely (or even at the same time!) by 4 player teams in Fall Guys. Please react with Fatcat if your interested.
by Malkier Jarrett
CW Trash Talking – Aka Maps!
19:00ST on Wednesday 26/05/2021
Hello all you incredibly attractive individuals; Wednesday night is maps night, mostly because I’m broke and I need you all to fill my pockets with that sweet sweet gil. So bring your friends, bring your enemy’s and sit back while we all talk shit to each other. A different reaction for each member joining please […]
by Malkier Jarrett
Left 4 Dragon
16:00ST on Friday 21/05/2021
The Left 4 Dead 2 Event is here! In it we will be shooting zombies, as well as friends, as well as zombie friends! The main game mode will be Versus. Coop will can be played as well depending on the amount of players we have in the event. Players of all skill levels are […]
by Ryve Sontek
Casual Wednesday – Tomestone Wings
18:00ST on Wednesday 19/05/2021
With the ongoing tomestone event, let’s do some PvP to get them. This is also a good opportunity to level up your jobs and get some Wolf Marks πŸ™‚ If you don’t have any idea how to do Rival Wings, that’s ok. Most times we win I think we lost. Depending on the amount of […]
by Jasar Dann