Our Events
Casual Wednesday – E3 Edition
Wed 18:00ST, 16 Jun 2021
Hello, ladies, look at your Wednesday evening, now back to this event, now back at your Wednesday evening, now back to this event. Sadly, it isn’t this event, but if it stopped having social anxiety and switched to excessive amounts of shittalking, it could feel like it’s Casual Wednesday. Look down, back up, where are […]
by Kong
Friday Fisticuffs
Fri 17:00ST, 11 Jun 2021
Ladies and Degenerates of the Sleeping Dragons Free Company! This Friday marks the beginning of a beautiful relationship. A relationship between our very own Fight Club, and a brand new game called Guilty Gear STRIVE! Join us, and revel in the beautiful graphics, the amazing character design, and the degenerate discussions as we beat each […]
by Mirel Moui
There are Sleeping Dragons Among Us
Wed 16:00ST, 9 Jun 2021
Another Among Us event! Always a popular game. Let’s play it again. 😀 Everyone is welcome to join. Need the game to play, but everyone is welcome to watch. A great way for newcomers to socialize and everyone to get together again. We may or may not use Crewlink. Will be decided at a later […]
by Ryve Sontek
Friday Fisticuffs
Fri 17:00ST, 4 Jun 2021
Due to the devs of Fantasy Strike thinking LOBBIES aren’t a necessity in a fighting game, we are now switching gears a bit. Instead of stressing out over whether to gate this event behind a needed purchase or to let newcomers join for free, I am letting you decide for me! Our alternatives are: Brawlhalla […]
by Mirel Moui
CW Phasmophobia / Fall Guys
Wed 19:00ST, 2 Jun 2021
OooooooooOooooo Spooky~ Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening my fellow happy people (and Sunnie) Its CW *again* is swear this event comes around like once a week or something. Phasmophobia time this week followed closely (or even at the same time!) by 4 player teams in Fall Guys. Please react with Fatcat if your interested.
by Malkier Jarrett
CW Trash Talking – Aka Maps!
Wed 19:00ST, 26 May 2021
Hello all you incredibly attractive individuals; Wednesday night is maps night, mostly because I’m broke and I need you all to fill my pockets with that sweet sweet gil. So bring your friends, bring your enemy’s and sit back while we all talk shit to each other. A different reaction for each member joining please […]
by Malkier Jarrett
Left 4 Dragon
Fri 16:00ST, 21 May 2021
The Left 4 Dead 2 Event is here! In it we will be shooting zombies, as well as friends, as well as zombie friends! The main game mode will be Versus. Coop will can be played as well depending on the amount of players we have in the event. Players of all skill levels are […]
by Ryve Sontek
Casual Wednesday – Tomestone Wings
Wed 18:00ST, 19 May 2021
With the ongoing tomestone event, let’s do some PvP to get them. This is also a good opportunity to level up your jobs and get some Wolf Marks 🙂 If you don’t have any idea how to do Rival Wings, that’s ok. Most times we win I think we lost. Depending on the amount of […]
by Jasar Dann
Fight Club Invitational II
Sun 17:00ST, 16 May 2021
Another long-term Event! This time our internal Fight Club invites people to participate over a 1 month group stage culminating in a Single Elimination showdown on the event date! The game that is played is Dragon Ball FighterZ and the coordination will be handled over our very own Fight Club Discord channel (so get the […]
by Kong
Questions and Answers – CW Edition
Wed 18:00ST, 12 May 2021
Hello everybody, this event will try out something new. No matter if you are level 1 or 80, join the voice chat this night, or write questions or ideas via discord ingame, and ill try to answer to you to my best of my abilities. While you are always free to ask every time in […]
by Laila Arrbyte
Mystery Friday
Fri 18:00ST, 7 May 2021
It is once again time… Weeks have gone by and there is a certain kind of peace in the fc. Peaceful conversations, peaceful meme sharing, peaceful deity slaying… Clearly to much peace! So there it is, an everlooming darkness, waiting to be called forth, waiting for its much needed sacrifices… Waiting for… **Another Mystery Friday!!** […]
by Jace Nolan & Shadow Cross
Casual Wednesday – χάρτες Edition (Yes, Maps)
Wed 18:00ST, 5 May 2021
We haven’t done maps in a while and they got some new drops this last patch, so let’s do them and be disappointed when we get around 0 to 1 portals and make negative money. The important thing is the friends you will make along the way (and maps are not that expensive even if […]
by Jasar Dann
Movie Night – Harry Potter and the Deathly Weapons
Sat 18:00ST, 1 May 2021
Ah yes, the wonderful wizarding world. Full of magical spells, flying broomsticks, and… GUNS!?!? Join us as we watch the first Harry Potter movie, but with the magic of firearms. All you need to enjoy this is one simple plugin in your webbrowser, which you can get here depending on your browser of choice (Firefox, […]
by Radca Kernal
Die bright like a Diamond (The not-so-casual wednesday)
Wed 18:00ST, 28 Apr 2021
DIE DIE Diamond Weapon! For those who want to learn this Extreme fight in a little bit more relaxed setting than PF. This event is for you. What do you need to join? – Have “The Cloud Deck (Extreme)” unlocked – Have average ilvl 510 or higher – Be ready to spend 2 hours with […]
by Ryve Sontek
An Innocent Wednesday
Wed 18:00ST, 21 Apr 2021
We will have the most wholesome Casual Wednesday in history as we kill innocence over and over. No need for prior knowledge of the fight, just be there in body and mind. Maybe not even mind. I don’t know. If we get bored of killing him because its so easy we will also kill other […]
by Jasar Dann
Where is in Eorzea ? – Gridania Version
Fri 18:30ST, 16 Apr 2021
Remember a kid book´s named “Where is Wally?” The book that make you found this skinny white and red stripes t-shirt guy that was hidden in the middle of crowd, usually in wierd and exotic places. Alien planets, Mystical forest, Ancient times, the Hollywood production scene…. This is “Where is in Eorzea – Gridania Version” […]
by Shadow Cross
YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse – The Tower at Paradigm’s Breach
Wed 19:00ST, 14 Apr 2021
Alliance raids are fun. But they’re even more fun together! So let’s have a go at it. 😀 This event is perfect for anyone that enjoys alliance raids. Or those who like doing content in a group. Or even those who are anxious to do new content like this by themselves. People of ALL skill […]
by Ryve Sontek
Tue 19:00ST, 13 Apr 2021
Gentle Sir and Pretty Madam, Here is a story of our Nadaam: Tank and Mage had a fight, To establish who is right Everything happened fast And tank received a deadly blast… Out of Chaos to pure Light In eternal bonding might Warrior raised got by the mage To move their friendship to the next […]
by Areya Gellisa and Finn Ashenford
Casual Wednesday – Maps Edition
Wed 18:00ST, 7 Apr 2021
Late casual Wednesday is late. And in old and casual fashion, we will do another round of maps. So get your gears ready and we will hop back into the dephths of those unpronounceable fae-dungeons that will probably not be very gracious since I am the host and I am not exactly the closest with […]
by Jace Nolan
Stellar Dragons
Mon 18:00ST, 5 Apr 2021
Sleeping Dragons meets Stellaris! One large round of diplomacy, backstabbery and conquest. Planning for roughly 3 hours of game time and continuing at another point in time. Tutorials will be provided on request. Next session will be scheduled at the end of this one. Questions? Just ping me. Use the SDS symbol to reserve a […]
by Kong