Sound of….
Wed 18:00ST, 19 Jul 2023

Hello party people

My brain was lying to me and said I already put this up last week but seems not.
So what Is Pelle doing again? who knows
Why is he doing it? Because I did not get a change to take part last time we did this….

So to put this short I have collected a selection of songs and music that I would say are my favourite (both good and bad way) in ff xiv.
and I would like to have a short conversation after each song (you know what do you think, does this song mean something to you etc.) and also rate every song from 1 to 5
and in the end, we can see which was our favorite.

Note. You are more than welcome to bring your own favourite songs with you and we can listen to them together.

by Pelle Paerkkele