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Dented Eggs – Time for Round 2
Sun 14:00ST, 29 Aug 2021
Previously on Dented Eggs: Please remember to send in whatever you wish us to talk about! Especially new members! Whatever topic moves you we will discuss with a hopefully funny twist! The system remains in tact: 1) You guys write Mirel/Sunnie your topics. No limits. No Rules. 2) Mirel will select some of those […]
by Kong
Fight Club Hang Out and Jack-O Release
Fri 18:00ST, 27 Aug 2021
We Hang out, play fighting games and try out the new character released for Guilty Gear Strive. Join voice / stream for some instant social gratification!
by Kong
Hide and Seek
Wed 18:00ST, 25 Aug 2021
Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening, depending on when you are reading this As promised, it is time for another round of Hide and Seek. All of you know this game and if you don’t, let me explain it : The concept is one person is the seeker and the rest goes hiding. How to play: […]
by Shadow Cross
Fri 18:00ST, 20 Aug 2021
Come and join us, as the smartest and bravest of SDS come together to find some ghost or fix some generators while the most bloodthirsty of us try to hunt them down. So what do I need to join? just have eighter Phasmophobia or Dead by daylight What if I don’t have those? You are […]
by Pelle "Pellempi" Paerkkele
Casual Wednesday – It’s Maps
Wed 18:00ST, 18 Aug 2021
Are you ready to see extravagant treasures drop? Internally scream when a portal yet eludes you or you lost that roll for an item? Have a nice evening talking shit with some cool people? Are you ready to get rich and/or die trying? If the answer to one or more is yes, this event might […]
by Rox
Serious Wednesday: Can you fix this? Health-Care of the future.
Wed 18:15ST, 11 Aug 2021
Hello everybody, this Event, ill try something more unique. We were discussing short lectures, and I’ll see if interest exists with this trial event. You only need Discord to join. This will be split up in 2 parts. At Primetime ill start a small lecture, like 20 minutes to explain an upcoming real Issue to […]
by Laila Arrbyte
Dented Eggs – The Actual Podcast
Sun 14:00ST, 8 Aug 2021
by Mirel & Malkier & Kong
Podcast Preparations
Sat 23:59ST, 7 Aug 2021
Stories tell of two beings predating the invention of decency in 1327 B.C.. Some say Malkier nursed Romulus and Remus before the founding of Rome. Some say Kong told Emperor Barbarossa that he could totally cross that river in full plate. Some say both of them were assigned by Zeus to choose a goddess with […]
by Kong
Fri 18:00ST, 6 Aug 2021
What is the capital of the USA? or what country is the best known as the hottest one of all? If your answer for both is Canada, you are officially qualified to participate in the quest most grand. Some say that there is no useless knowledge, and everything you know will give you the advantage […]
by Pelle "Pellempi" Paerkkele
Rathalos Mount Farm
Wed 18:00ST, 4 Aug 2021
Call to all hunters and huntress! Rathalos is back and we need valiant heroes to strike him down! Rathalos mount farm! I will be doing Normal mode for those that need to unlock the Extreme mode, where all the scales+ drop to exchange for Rathalos I will explain the fight for those that need also […]
by Shadow Cross
Another Mystery Friday
Fri 18:00ST, 30 Jul 2021
My dear Dragons and Eggs, it is time! A new blood sacrifice is long overdue. The ancients are calling for you for the ceremonial evening of blood, lust and homicide. It is time… for another Mystery Friday! Join Shadow and me on another evening filled with black stories about murder, self-murder, murder accidents, non murder […]
by Jace Nolan & Shadow Cross
Casual Wednesday – Free Diamonds Here
Wed 18:00ST, 28 Jul 2021
Diamond Weapon now drops the mount more frequently, and you can buy it with totems too, so it might be a good time to get ourselves some diamonds. The only requirement for participating is having unlocked the fight and having the required iLvl. Hanging out in voice is of course also welcome and appreciated 🙂
by Jasar Dann
The Jubilating Jackbox Jaunt
Wed 19:00ST, 21 Jul 2021
Perhaps you find yourself curious as to the drawing capabilities of your friends; mayhap their vocal etiquette is sublime, does it always seem like they have boundless trivia knowledge? Well have I got news for you! For this Casual Wednesday, those who put themselves into the spotlight are to find themselves tested and for those […]
by Zulu
The ultimate Gold Saucer Tour
Fri 18:00ST, 16 Jul 2021
My fellow dragons, have you ever heard of our lord and savior, Godbert Manderville? No? Then it is high time, for the gold will rain upon us shortly and you will not want to miss out on that! I, Jace Nolan – Gambler, casino addict and self-proclaimed Gold Saucer expert – come to you to […]
by Jace Nolan
Secret Fascist Dragon on Table Top Simulator
Fri 18:00ST, 9 Jul 2021
Secret Hitler! A fun social group game played on Table Top Simulator. The more the merrier. Fun for the whole family. 😀 Don’t let the name scare you away. It’s a game about social intrigue, lying and trying to figure out who is lying. Owning Table Top Simulator is required, but that’s it. The rules […]
by Ryve Sontek
Casual Wednesday – Maps: No Portal Edition
Wed 18:00ST, 7 Jul 2021
Dragons, it is once again Wednesday approaching fast. Damn, I swear it was Wednesday just a few days ago! Ah well, here we go again. Another week, another casual treasure hunt. Come join us in voice chat as we chill, talk and spend a nice evening together. Accompany me in the latest episode of “The […]
by Jace Nolan
Profile Picture Photoshoot
Wed 20:00ST, 30 Jun 2021
This one is to get our member’s page a bit quicker up to date and I don’t have a clue who is elligible for a member’s page or who actually wants to have a picture taken by me. Disclaimer: This is a service I provide in my free time and nothing that has to happen. […]
by Kong
Casual Bird Watching
Wed 18:00ST, 30 Jun 2021
Ever wondered what those old people in forests find so fascinating with birds? Ever wondered what it might be to go out into the wilderness and try to catch a glimpse of those rare and fancy birds? Fret not, for we will do exactly that in our beloved game ffxiv! Unfortunately the birds we want […]
by Jace Nolan
A Bozjan Evening
Wed 18:00ST, 23 Jun 2021
Hello, This event, even if you can’t join Bozja, feel free to join us. Second, if you have no Idea what to do, ill answer all your questions. Third, if you do know what to do, are done or are bored: let us grind clusters (the Bozja currency) together, to buy some stuff. How to […]
by Laila Arrbyte
Where is in Eorzea? – La Noscea Edition
Fri 18:30ST, 18 Jun 2021
Good morning, Bonjour, Guten Morgen, Buenos dias, Hyvaa huomenta It is time for another Where is in Eorzea? Ever wonder how the graphical team of FF14 manage to make this amazing places that we so often miss or neglect in our sprint to level up? There is some locations with great details and hidden spots […]
by Shadow Cross