Chaos quiz
Fri 18:00ST, 29 Sep 2023

Hey folks, it’s quiz time!
But this time around things will be a little bit different.
I have for you a quiz about FF14, nerdy stuff, geeky stuff and gaming stuff….. but wait…. I said it was going to be different?
In this quiz there will be a little more than just question and answer. Rather many of the questions will have you interacting with the other teams and maybe even the quiz master. And in this chaos you may find advantages or maybe even be forced to skip a turn.

It’s of course all in good fun so I hope you join us for the quiz. 🙂

I have a side note to add. The way the quiz is set up, it works best if enough people join.
If you are planning on joining, please let me know with the :SDS: emote below so I can get an idea.

by Ryve