Maps, Maps, Maps

Explained for new players!

Lv. 36) Where to unlock the map actions dig + decipher:

Talk to H’loonh in Wineport and accept the quest Treasures and Tribulations.
If you need more help, check out this questguide from gamerescape.

How to obtain maps?

Have a gatherer in the desired map level range. You can only gather one every 18 hours.

You can also buy them from the MB, since they are tradeable.

But you are only able to store one of a kind per inventory. If you want to you can mail them back and forth with friends so you can use the 20 item-slots of your mail system. Do not forget your retainers! Usually if you buy them from the MB they have a solid return on investment if a portal pops.

What are maps?


Now you can right click any map and decipher it. It will give you a rough location that you have to find on the map yourselves. Link it after you found it into your chat with <pos>.
Feel free to use when you get lost.

It is recommended to have the full map / flying unlocked for said expac.

50ARR (2.0)
60HW (3.0)AquapolisDragonskin
70SB (4.0)Uznair (Dungeon + Altars)Gazelleskin
80SH (5.0)Lyhe GhiahZonureskin
90EW (6.0)Excitatron 6000 Kumbhiraskin
90 6.3 – Elpis OnlyShifting Gymnasion AgononOphiotauroskin

Dig at said position to unlock the Chest, beat some Mobs (level according to the map) and get your price.

Remark: The reward from the two 90 Maps are currently (patch 6.3) the same.


Portals are a special feature added starting in Heavensward.

~ Here the HW dev entry ~ (explains the concept)

~Here the 1st SB dev entry~ (explains gambling)

The Shifting Altars of Uznair are special to the SB maps. It is a roulette type dungeon. Check it out when we go for maps 🙂

–Thief Maps–

Timeworn Thief’s Maps come from the Uznair dungeons and give you a guaranteed portal to The Hidden Canals of Uznair. They are a bit more difficult and have 3 Doors instead of 2.