An elaborate Gold Saucer Guide

Hello and welcome to SDS’ very “Elaborate Guide to the Gold Saucer”.

Here I will give an introduction to everything Gold Saucer related, including games, mini-games, fashion report and challenge log.


Due to the length of this guide, the different sections have been separated into different pages. Here is a quick overview where you can find what:

Page 1: Gold Saucer Introduction & Fashion Report
Page 2: Mini-Games
Page 3: Mini Cactpot & Jumbo Cactpot
Page 4: Triple Triad
Page 5: Gates
Page 6: Challenge Log and WIP sections

Gold Saucer Introduction

What is the Gold Saucer?

The Manderville Gold Saucer is a casino located in Thanalan and run by the Manderville family. It features lots of entertainment and fun, as well as a ton of prizes such as mounts, minions, hairstyles and glam!

The Gold Saucer can be unlocked via the quest “It Could Happen to You”. The quest giver “Well-Heeled Youth” is located in Ul’Dah, Steps of Nald (x: 9.6, y: 9.0). As a requirement for this quest to appear, you have to complete the main scenario quests “The Gridanian Envoy”, “The Ul’dahn Envoy”, or “The Lominsan Envoy”.

Once you’ve accepted the quest, follow it up to unlock and enter the Gold Saucer.

Help, there are so many quest markers. Where do I start?

Right when you enter the Gold Saucer you should see a quest called “World of Wonders” that will introduce you to most of the major areas of the Gold Saucer and help you get most of the mini aetherytes to sync to. I recommend following those quest markers for a little rundown and to get them off your map.

Please note: The quest will skip over one section of the Gold Saucer that contains the Chocobo Racing and the Lord of Verminion areas. To reach that last section and get all mini aetherytes, you have to walk to the area with the main counter. From there if you continue in the direction of the card square, you should be able to see a wall with a npc standing in front of it. That is an elevator and talking to the npc will bring you to the Chocobo square. 

What about all the other quests?

Every other quest you can see around the Gold Saucer is there to unlock different and new things in the Gold Saucer. If you want to get most out of your Gold Saucer experience, I recommend unlocking them all. To know more about all those features, you can scroll down to their respective sections in the guide.

Here is a short overview what quests are where and what they unlock:

Quest NameNPCLocationUnlocks
Passion for FashionLewenax5, y8Fashion Report
Triple Triad TrialTriple Triad Mastery4.8, y6.1Triple Triad
Scratch It RichMini Cactpot Brokerx4, y7Mini Cactpot
Hitting the CactpotJumbo Cactpot Brokerx5, y6Jumbo Cactpot
Every Little Thing She Does Is MahjongLewenax8, y5Mahjong
So You Want To Be A JockeyRace Chocobo Registrarx6, y4 (Chocobo Square)Chocobo Racing

What are MGP? Where do I get them?

MGP (Manderville Gold Saucer Points) are the currency of the Gold Saucer. Everything you do in the Gold Saucer will either cost or earn you MGP. Respectively, MGP are used to buy prizes in the Gold Saucer. There are in total three ways to get MGP at the start of your casino career:

Option 1: If you finish the quest “World of Wonders”, you get Gold Saucer Tickets. Those tickets let you play one of the various mini games free of charge (They normally cost you 1 MGP). With this ticket, you can go to one of the mini-games and start it up. If you finish said mini-game successfully you have earned your first ~50 MGP without spending a single gil. If you are unsure, which mini-game fairs you a good chance, check out the mini-game section of the guide to get a hold of the various options beforehand.

Option 2: MGP Tickets. Those items can be used to immediately receive a fixed amount of MGP. Those tickets are rare though and usually harder to acquire. They tend to be gifted in real life events such as the fanfest. In-game methods to obtain those items are via Khloes Wondrous Tails or timed events such as Moogle Tomestones or the Make It Rain campaign.

Option 3: Buy MGP with Gil. The easiest method. You can speak to a npc at the main counter to buy MGP with gil. However there is a limit to how many MGP you can buy and you won’t be able to buy any MGP if you have more than 500 MGP already. 

If you already have more MGP than you can buy for gil, and you’re all out of your MGP and Gold Saucer tickets, there are only two ways to get more MGP:

  1. Participating in any and all Gold Saucer activities
  2. Doing the Gold Saucer section of the weekly Challenge Log

For more information on all further areas of the Gold Saucer, choose the next sub-guide.

Fashion Report

If you are a member of our SDS Discord server, you probably have noticed the channel “news | fashion-report”. If you always wondered what those mysterious pictures every Tuesday and Friday are about, then you have found the right place here! If you are not on our Discord server (join us at the top of the page. We’re nice, I promise!), that’s a shame, but you can find out more about the Fashion Report here anyway.

What is the Fashion Report?

The Fashion Report is a weekly feature that can be unlocked by accepting the quest “Passion for Fashion” from Lewena (x5, y8).

After that, you automatically get a new fashion prompt from Masked Rose every Tuesday with the weekly reset. You can check these fashion prompts in-game by either talking to Masked Rose in the Gold Saucer directly, or by checking in your menu under Duties > Timers > Fashion Report.

A Fashion Report prompt looks usually similar to this:

As you can see, you get a few different prompts for different armor slots. Which slots are chosen can vary each week. Also those hints are all that you get. From this you have to figure out what items you could wear that fit those prompts and once you think you’re good to go you can present yourself to Masked Rose for judging. Based on how close you were to the prompts, you will get a score. And depending on that score you will get a fixed amount of MGP as reward. However, you only have a limited amount of tries to get the high score. After you have used up all your tries, you can’t be judged anymore for that week’s prompt.

So what’s in it for me?

You can get exactly three rewards out of the fashion report, although one of those is a one time only reward.

  1. For participation (0-100 points): 10.000 MGP
  2. For a high score (80-100 points): 50.000 MGP
  3. For a full score (100 points): “Fashion leader” title (one time reward!)

So in short, participating and scoring at least 80 points will give you 60.000 MGP per week. A good, fast and often easy way to get a lot of MGP in a very short time to work for some of those very expensive prizes (I look at you, Cactuar mount!)

Sounds good! But I don’t know what to wear!

Fret not, for that we have those weekly fashion-report bots and the twitter of KaiyokoStar!

The prompts are universal for all servers. So what happens behind the scenes, when a new prompt is released, is the collective effort of the ffxiv community. People use some of their tries to try out different items and post their scores. Out of all that information, the best options are getting figured out and later boiled down to the neat chart that gets posted every Friday on aboves Twitter and from there on the fashion-report bot. Usually there will be first a picture that shows what items gave a full score, however the chart that best can be worked with is the fashion report full details chart, that gets posted a bit later. Such a full detail chart usually looks like this:

A bit overloaded on information, but don’t be afraid, it is quite easy to understand.

The upper boxes all list the prompts that we have gotten on that week’s prompt. Inside those boxes are all items listed that will give you full points for that specific prompt as well as the sources where you can acquire said items.

The right-most upper box lists which of your gear slots you should color in which dyes, as well as where you get those dyes, because dye color also counts towards the scores.

Lower left is a quick and general explanation of what to look out for with fashion reports.

The lower middle box tells you what you should wear to get the full 100 points. This however is only needed once to receive the title. If you already have the title, you can safely ignore this box.

The lower right box is the box you want to look at the most. It will list you the bare minimum you need to do to get 80 points and with that the full 60k MGP reward. As you can see, if you compare it to the upper boxes, it forgoes most of the specific equipment, safe one or two choices and concentrates more on the dyes.

So, what it all boils down to is, that you check the “Easy 80pts” box. See if you already have the items/dyes and if not, check the upper boxes or in-game where to get them from. From there it is a simple “Do I need/want to spend the necessary gil to get the 60k MGP or not?”
Note: In this example, the “Easy 80pts” tells you to wear Leather Duckbills. However if you wouldn’t be able to get those shoes but any of the others listed in the shoe prompt, you can safely exchange them and still get the 80 points

If you decide to go for it, equip everything as needed and then present yourself to Masked Rose in the Gold Saucer to earn your 60k MGP. You can either equip the necessary items and dyes or use them on a glamour plate. As long as said items and dyes are visible on your character, they count.

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