Jasar Dann

When did you start ffxiv, and why?

I have actually started playing ffxiv three times. The first time I barely remember, it was 1.0, the game was brand new, either launch or beta. I played for about 2 hours and it just wasn’t for me. The second time was on Heavensward launch. Au’ra (dragon people, as I called them then) seemed cool. I had fun with the game, but I had no one to play with and eventually quit.
Finally, in August of 2020, in the midst of Covid, they had announced the expanded free trial, so I decided ‘eh, might as well’. I started playing before the free trial was updated, though, and before it was expanded I had already bought the complete edition 🙂

Tell us a memorable experience in ffxiv!

It’s hard to choose one. The improvised christmas party we had in the FC house was very nice. The housing adventures, remodelling the FC house and others, that was also great.

What else do you play right now or in general?

Not much. Some Switch games when I have the time, and some old games like Supreme Snowboarding when I have the friends.

What was your first Final Fantasy?

The first one I have conscience of playing would be Final Fantasy VIII.

And what is your favorite Final Fantasy Game?

Either VIII or X. I can’t even explain why, probably just the right games played at the right time, but those are the ones I think of the most.

What do you enjoy doing in ffxiv?

Most of all Housing. Then… POTD/HOH until I die, then I hate it and its the worst thing ever put in a game.

What are you missing in ffxiv? Classes, Housing Items, … ?

Less Housing restrictions, more social happenings, less clunkiness of the menus in general… I would like a pure support job, but it seems unlikely.

Is ffxiv your first mmo? If not, what was your first mmo?

Ragnarok Online, probably? Then WoW. I raided pretty hardcore in vanilla there. Having to borrow tanks from other guilds for Four Horsemen was ‘fun’. My interest in the game slowly faded and I eventually only played for expansion launches. Meanwhile I tried… Pretty much every MMO I could? Off the top of my head: Aion, Lineage 2, Warhammer Online, LOTRO, Rift, Wildstar ( 🙁 ), Guild Wars 1 and 2, Tera, ESO… None really grabbed me back into the genre until FF14, and I’m not sure FF14 would have the staying power it has on me without the FC.

What are your RL activities that you enjoy?

I enjoy hiking, taking care of my birds and of my smol trees. I like to do woodwork, but don’t have much time for it.

What songs do you enjoy from ffxiv?

And my favorite:

Thank you Jasar for helping me with housing!

– Laila

Also, thank you for saving my our plants…

– Laila