Tiad Dici

When did you start ffxiv, and why?

At the end of 2017 and begin of 2018, dates are fussy. Because i want to play an MMO after WoW that i lost interest in. I always loved FF franchise

Tell us a memorable experience in ffxiv!

Playing with Sonja, Elemna and Shadow, while goofing around ( in french ) in Discord or the stress in getting a perfect run in a dungeon or raid, because i want that to be perfect.

What else do you play right now or in general?

Merge dragons in Android

What was your first Final Fantasy?


And what is your favorite Final Fantasy Game?


What do you enjoy doing in ffxiv?

The very casual stuff, the MSQ, sidequests, doing dungeons with Trust system, everything that is not stressful

What are you missing in ffxiv? Classes, Housing Items…?

More housing! More glamours options, very specific things like cross-job glamour

Is ffxiv your first mmo? If not, what was your first mmo?

No, World of warcraft was my first mmo

What are your RL activities that you enjoy?

Cooking, pastry, Pearls diamonds and sleep

What songs do you enjoy from ffxiv?

All of the OST, the most part

Do you have pets?

Yes, i have a lot for a small appartment. 2 cats, 2 rabbits.