Shadow Cross, perhaps also known as “Xanthe” to some, thanks to his alternate in-game character Xanthe Cross.

Part of our admin trio, alongside Sejlea Hakonge (a.k.a Kong) and leader Laila Arrbyte, that works behind the shadows (pun fully intended) and makes sure that this FC operates smoothly. In-game, he is a true DPS at heart, playing samurai, ninja, and dragoon, with samurai being thus far his favorite.

Shadow like to organize spontaneous events during weekends, such as clearing normal modes of raids, farming mounts in savage mode raids and/or extreme trials or simply promoting and advertising on-going FC events. He also greatly enjoys taking his time to help newcomers and inexperienced players when they have questions about the game, often by simply explaining them, in his lovable French accent, firsthand in a Discord call how to do something. He goes to great lengths just to make sure that everybody feels comfortable and welcomed in the company.

Behind this shadowy persona (this is the last pun, I swear) lies an endearing husband and father of two kids. His delightful wife is also a member of our FC, whom people know better as Tiad Dici. Shadow cares greatly about his family, which leads to his playing schedule being a bit sporadic, but it does not pose a problem to the FC as everybody understands that family should be the biggest priority to a person.

Thanks to Shadow, the company feels that much more hospitable, giving you the feeling of being at home and that everything is going to be okay.