The Fifth SDS Screenshot Challenge

Wow, it’s pretty fucked that I mentioned Covid delaying a patch in the intro to the third SDS Screenshot contest and … well *gestures wildly*.
So we had a lot of new joiners since I last hosted this and I think it’s time to test everyone’s creativity again! The event where levels don’t matter and everyone can participate!
Welcome to the fifth Sleeping Dragons Screenshot Contest!
Let’s see if our reigning screenshot champions Sonja and Khim can defend their title in what might be the most difficult challenge yet!

What is the theme?

“Your favourite Fight”

I already said this is going to be difficult, but pretty open ended on the creative side. Show us what has been your favourite fight, your hardest struggle, the proudest overcoming of all odds for you!
What are the rules for the theme?

We require that the picture is shot “in action”. Either you are really smart about faking a fight through poses or you are in fight. No boring stand-offs allowed!

You do not need to be in combat. But being in combat is more difficult and will certainly be counted for the evaluation.

The picture needs to picture you and your adversary, but only the “protagonist” will receive credit for the picture. The last challenge was all about group work, this time we test your solo skill

Caption your picture! From all the times I have been a jury member I now want to add this as a soft rule, as it always influences the jury’s perception of a picture. I don’t care if your caption is cool, witty or absolutely barbaric! Make it count!

When can I enter?

From Sunday 28th of February 2021 to Sunday 28th of March 2021

1 whole month to get the perfect picture! No excuses!
Check Discord for more information!

How do I enter?

Capture a screenshot that follows the established theme, and submit your entry to

Be sure to include the following information when submitting your entry:

Take one (1) screenshot of your character following the theme of “Your favourite fight”.

Caption the picture!
So the jury knows what it is looking at.

Clarify the name of the protagonist! (Chances are the jury cannot differentiate between your rapidly changing characters)

What can I win?

First (1.) Place: 1 Mount of your choice | 1 Million Gil
Second (2.) Place: 1 Mount of your choice | 750.000 Gil
Third (3.) Place: 1 Mount of your choice | 500.000 Gil

First Runner Up: 1 Minion of your choice |250.000 Gil
Second Runner Up: 1 Minion of your choice | 250.000 Gil
Third Runner Up : 1 Minion of your choice|250.000 Gil
Participation Award: 100.000 Gil by Kong

The Mounts that can be chosen:
Ufiti (x1) (Sponsored by Aqua!)
Magicked Bed
Flying Chair

The Minions that can be chosen:
Aurelia Polyp
Sharksucker-Class Insubmersible
Abroader Otter
Sydla-Class Insubmersible
Save the Princess (Sponsored by Ryve!)

How will the winner be determined?

For the fifth instance of our contest we go back to the roots! The jury will be composed of Ryve Sontek, Laila Arrbyte and Sejlea Hakonge.
And here is a quick look behind the curtains:
While I will definitely take a look at your Gpose-skill and technical prowess, Ryve and Laila usually judge the images around emotional impact and motif. We all account for the technical difficulty of the picture!
So here are some tips:

1. Emotional impact has been shown to be super important. Art needs to have a reaction so make us laugh, feel inspired, nostalgic, make us sad, but most importantly make your picture memorable!

2. Find a good balance between difficulty and good looking! Not everything that is super difficult is also a great motif for your picture and not everything that is super easy to achieve is impressive.

3. Decide on a focus point: Blast us away with technical skill? Be the most hilarious picture? Find that boss fight that triggers really great memories for the jury? All is fair in love and screenshot contests!

None of the jury members are participating in this contest.

Do not use any third party tools to post-process your screenshots. This is supposed to be an even playing field.

Please use the in-game screenshot tool. No Snipping tool!

But how do we take good screenshots?

Here are some guides to take good gpose screenshots in Final Fantasy XIV

Nothing left to say except: Have fun!