The Jubilating Jackbox Jaunt
Wed 19:00ST, 21 Jul 2021

Perhaps you find yourself curious as to the drawing capabilities of your friends; mayhap their vocal etiquette is sublime, does it always seem like they have boundless trivia knowledge? Well have I got news for you! For this Casual Wednesday, those who put themselves into the spotlight are to find themselves tested and for those who wish to watch them sweat under the lamp’s glare are free to watch and cast their judgement.

This Wednesday we delve into the challenges found only in the Jackbox games, it will be a series of minigame-esque party games ranging from word play, impromptu power point speeches, trivia, drawing and much more! All are welcome to join, either to participate or to watch (It will make for a good spectator sport).

Requirements: A pulse and an internet connection (You do not need to buy any of the games nor do you need to download them)

Bring your friends, your family, your dog, your local government representative and bring Steve.
Be there or be square – 19:00 ST

by Zulu