The ultimate Gold Saucer Tour
Fri 18:00ST, 16 Jul 2021

My fellow dragons, have you ever heard of our lord and savior, Godbert Manderville?
No? Then it is high time, for the gold will rain upon us shortly and you will not want to miss out on that!

I, Jace Nolan – Gambler, casino addict and self-proclaimed Gold Saucer expert – come to you to give you the most excellent evening of your life by introducing you to the best part of the game: The Gold Saucer itself!

Never heard of it? Don’t worry. I will guide you from the very first quest to unlock it up until the end where you will be drowning in MGP faster than you could imagine!

We will get to it all. Minigames for the bored in duty queue. GATEs for the ones after the big money. Cactpot for the ones after the really big money. Chocobo Racing for the competitive people. Triple Triad for the other competitive people. Everything you could ever wish for, I will show you and explain to you, so that you yourself can become the next gambling expert! (Disclaimer: I have no clue about Mahjong. It is also too time-intensive and shall be requested as solo event)

Where did I stop? Ohr right! *ahem*
Come and join me on Friday night for an evening of love, lust and paradise. Maybe not love and lust. BUT we will get lots of MGP, fun and new addictions!
Just in time for the Make It Rain campaign!

Everybody is welcome, no matter if old ancient or fresh egg!
Only requirement is to have finished MSQ up to level 15 and being able to travel between city states.

by Jace Nolan