Podcast Preparations
Sat 23:59ST, 7 Aug 2021

Stories tell of two beings predating the invention of decency in 1327 B.C..
Some say Malkier nursed Romulus and Remus before the founding of Rome.
Some say Kong told Emperor Barbarossa that he could totally cross that river in full plate.
Some say both of them were assigned by Zeus to choose a goddess with an golden apple and they ate it.
Some say they are artists of the word not unlike Homer or Shakespeare.
Some say their humor alone brought a listener to climax. (You know who you are)
Others whisper that we are responsible for the only rule this FC has.
Some of these stories might be true. Some might be fiction.
What is definitely true is that we are Dented Eggs.

*deep breath*
It is finally happening.
If you know our Casual Wednesdays or are active on our Discord you might know Malkier and myself.
After a creative drought we found a format that suits us and should provide you guys with the entertainment you deserve.
So this abstract event consists of the following:
Until the end of the date you can send in random topics you’d like us to discuss.
The topics should be short (1 sentence).
The topics should not be racist or sexist or otherwise hurtful.
The topics can be from any topic you choose.
Just don’t be disappointed if we can’t talk about “What is the cell multiplication rate of human tissue in an Argon environment?” for 10 minutes.
All topics will be handled by Mirel anonymously. We won’t know who sent in what. And we also don’t care.
Some easy examples: “Which Marvel movie is the best?” “What do you think about High-End Raiding in MMOs?” “What’s your opinion on the last Blizzard scandal?” “Who has the prettiest character in our company? (It’s Kong)”

Send those topics to _MIREL_. He will curate them and when we do the podcast he will select a topic that we haven’t seen until then and toss us a curve ball.
Everyone is invited to send in topics! Even if you are new you can send in something like “Why are you Dented Eggs?” or “Why is the earth round?”

There you have it. Send us your worst(/best)!

by Kong