Shadow Introduction to Gunpla
Wed 19:20ST, 9 Feb 2022


The name itself, looks exotic and mysterious. What could it be? What does invoke in your mind when you read it?

Welcome to Shadow Introduction of Gunpla, where i will try show you an hobby as any other, an hobby that caught me by surprise as how relaxing and fulfilling it can be.
Join me this Wednesday, where I will talk about the roots of Gunpla, origins and the craft. Mostly focus for entry and beginner level people, I will try to share the things i had learn so far, the tools need, the websites to check and kits to avoid.

I will also live streaming some basic techniques, some mistakes I did while assembling a kit and a little bit of posing and playing with a model kit ( it is after all a kids toys )

So, Wednesday 9th of February 2022, at 19ST, come hear and watch a nerd talking about nerd things

by Shadow Cross