Dented Eggs: Weeb-Edition
Sat 14:00ST, 12 Feb 2022

Previously on Dented Eggs:


Please remember to send in whatever you wish them to talk about!
Especially new members! Whatever topic moves you they will discuss with a hopefully funny twist!

The system remains in tact:
1) You guys write Mirel/Sunnie your topics. No limits. No Rules.
2) Mirel will select some of those topics (the rest is saved for another time) and make nice list for each podcast.
3) When we are live neither Kong nor Malkier will have any clue what topic Mirel will toss at them, but they will try our very best to discuss it anyway.
4) You join in and listen to whatever weirdness they are creating and enjoy your time.

You will find the Stream here:

by Trouble Trio