Pub simulation Quiz vol 2
Fri 18:00ST, 1 Oct 2021

OH shit, here we go again.

The beacon of Amon Din has been lit, and it’s time for Dragons to gather.

I hereby call the gathering of the smartest, the luckiest, the boldest and the damn straight stupidest of you all,
to compete for the right to say I was smarter than .

The rules are simple teams of 2-3 people (depends how many of you join) are given a total of 20 questions one at a time.
Topics like last time can be anything I happen to come up with. Just like last time, the goal isn’t to be serious about the competition, but more to just have a fun time
and laugh together.

If you are interested in joining, please react with the SDS emote so I can try to tailor the questions a little bit.

by Pelle "Pellempi" Paerkkele