Casual Wednesday – Fates Edition
Wed 18:00ST, 29 Sep 2021

Ever heard about Shared Fates? Ever realised how long it takes to grind everything to rank 3 just for he nice “Completed” sign? Ever saw the list of rewards for all those Bicolor Gemstones?
No? Then it is high time to join the suffering!
Yes? Then let’s continue the suffering!
We all know: The more the merrier and maybe we don’t even notice the grind if we have fun talking about the randomness of god, life and the universe itself.

The “plan” is to run around all of Shadowbringers to grind out Fates for the Shared Fate ranks.
However if people also want to do Fates in other areas for their relics instead, that is also up for the taking.

(And for the case no one fancies Fates at all, just come into voice chat, hold a mutiny and we do whatever the majority wants to do instead 😀 )

by Jace Nolan