Serious Wednesday: Can you fix this? Health-Care of the future.
Wed 18:15ST, 11 Aug 2021

Hello everybody,
this Event, ill try something more unique. We were discussing short lectures, and I’ll see if interest exists with this trial event. You only need Discord to join.
This will be split up in 2 parts. At Primetime ill start a small lecture, like 20 minutes to explain an upcoming real Issue to you. And in the 2nd part we will try to find a solution, and can and will tell you why certain things can and cannot work! Also, there is no real solution to the issue, so really any feedback and just discussion is welcome.

Why this topic? Because people can discuss this setting more than other lecture topics that were recommended. An Introduction to Music Theory is cool, and it will be nice to listen to more practical examples, but it will allow less interaction than this one!

by Laila Arrbyte