Tue 19:00ST, 13 Apr 2021

Gentle Sir and Pretty Madam,
Here is a story of our Nadaam:

Tank and Mage had a fight,
To establish who is right
Everything happened fast
And tank received a deadly blast…

Out of Chaos to pure Light
In eternal bonding might
Warrior raised got by the mage
To move their friendship to the next stage.

In the spirit of Father Azim and Mother Nhaama the couple, Areya Gellisa and Finn Ashenford, will be bound for eternity on April 13. 9p.m. cest / 7p.m. st. Please join us during this joyful celebration.

Oh and I forgot to add – we suggest tribal glam to those who are willing to 😉

by Areya Gellisa and Finn Ashenford