Gathering Frenzy!
Sat 00:00ST, 20 Jun 2020

This is a call to arms or more accurate to your trusty hatchet and pickaxe. We need you to help us in gathering thousands of mats to upgrade our submarines and for you to get you more cuddlesome cute minions! To make it more exciting for everybody we planned 2 phases of this event.

Part 1: The Gathering

A few notes before we start:
1) Anybody can help! A big bulk of the items are gathered, but there are still many more which can be acquired through hunting mobs in the open world, through Grand Company Seals, Scrips, and even NPCs!

2) NQ Only! I know HQ items are tantalising but they make no difference to FC crafts and take up valuable chest space! Either revert any HQ items to NQ before submission (you can do this by selecting them in your inventory) or hoard the extra HQ materials and sell for your own profit!

3) 90% of the gathered materials are from Miners, but the level nodes range from level 12 up to level 70, so why not gain some experience at the same time? That’s 2 Birds with 1 Stone! That’s 2 Dragons with 1 Ore!

What to drop off:

We are using Teamcraft to make the how, who and what easier for you.

For ease of viewing and to minimize confusion, changing the layout by selecting the paint-roller and choosing “Default without Vendors” at the top-left of the page will make the Gathering tab more friendly.

You still don’t know how to use Teamcraft overall?
Open this full graphical explanation made by Aqua or ask us for support in discord!

How to participate:

For everybody: The Permission have been adjusted that you are free to drop off in FC Chest Tab 2 / 3.

How we count:

Chest History!

Our special extra for the most contributing member:

One Submarine will be sent out on your behalf and you can get one of those rare items:

Aurelia Polyp
Abroader Otter
Sharksucker-class Insubmersible
Silver Dasher

Other items of interest:
Faded Copy of Ambient Abyss
Dinosaur Fossil (For Dinosaur Bone Furnishings)
Golden Ewer (Furnishing)
Undersea Spoils (Furnishing)
Dead Man’s Chest (Furnishing)
Crystal Boule (Furnishing and ingredient for Crystal Coral Furnishing)
…and other furnishings to deck out a Pirate’s Cove

Part 2: The Giveaway

Did you ever want a Red Panda, Hunting Hawk, Mameshiba or even Nana Bear? Did you ponder how it was to have a Fat Cat on your side and do you even think our Ugly Duckling is cute? Ever had thought of a Baby Brachiosaurus?!
Even mounts can be won!

What can you win?

After we farmed so much Dhalmel Saliva it is time to ride the surviving ones!

15 Minions + 3 Giraffes!
  • Owlet
  • Mameshiba
  • Dwarf Rabbit
  • Lesser Panda
  • Shaggy Shoat
  • Tiny Tatsunoko
  • Fat Cat
  • Baby Brachiosaurus
  • Nutkin
  • Bom Boko
  • Hunting Hawk
  • Road Sparrow
  • Ugly Duckling
  • Nana Bear
  • Aurelia Polyp

How to obtain votes.

If you didn’t enter the Event you can buy a total of 3 votes.
1 Vote costs 5k gil. So 3 Votes costs 15k gil.
Talk to Laila Arrbyte to arrange your payment and your votes too. 🙂

The contribution votes are now online <3 Thank you all for you work.

Check here to what you obtained!
I hope you had fun!

How it works:

Every minion has its own number pool from 0-999. That means 1 vote is for 1 minion. And we’re going to roll the /dice 15 times for the minions alone. You can bet all your votes on one minion too if you really want it!
The numbers that others bet will be hidden to you (until the drawing).

Tell your numbers to Laila Arrbyte in Discord, to get them verified and entered. Overloading a number like 555 with multiple votes is not allowed, and I will tell you to please take another number with by at least 10+ difference.

Sonja is also now taking in votes!
After he entered his votes and some days of thinking, I decided to let him help 🙂
Now he can see how badly his votes are placed for the whole week without being able to change it 😀

The 3 Dhalmel share one 000-999 pool. That means you only need to use 1 vote (or more) to get 3x the chance!

The winner is the one closest to the roll.
If we have like 10 and 20 voted and 15 gets rolled, I will /dice again and 499 and below will make the 10 win and 500 and above will make the 20 win.

When will the Giveaway happen?

So everybody has proper time to decide what to get and what to roll on, the end of votes is on the 30.06 a Tuesday @ 5ST.

I will roll on livestream on discord and roll the dice into the FC channel.

Let the teamwork begin!