Casual Wednesday – 2 Maps 2 Furious
Wed 19:00ST, 16 Dec 2020

As the Earth rotates, another Wednesday appears before us, full of possibilities and full of portals to magical, painful pixie lands.

Have you ever watched Sons of Anarchy and thought, “damn that’s so badass, I want to be a biker”? Well come along and start your epic biker path with the new biker outfit, only available in maps. What’s that? You haven’t heard who has the best maps in town? That’s right! Sleeping Dragons’ Casual Wednesday! For a limited time only, we guarantee that 100% drop chance you have been looking for!* Sign up now, before it is too late!

Gather your maps, decipher that squiggly line that resembles a baby’s first time with crayons, and enjoy the casual Wednesday chat, where we stray further from the light every week.

*Sleeping Dragons guarantees nothing of the sort.

by Jasar Dann