Casual Bird Watching
Wed 18:00ST, 30 Jun 2021

Ever wondered what those old people in forests find so fascinating with birds? Ever wondered what it might be to go out into the wilderness and try to catch a glimpse of those rare and fancy birds?

Fret not, for we will do exactly that in our beloved game ffxiv!
Unfortunately the birds we want to watch only ever show their glowing feathers under certain conditions, namely: the sacrifice of the gods!
Yes, we need to kill gods. Maybe those gods will kill us. Maybe we kill them. Bloody murder until we get a good look at those birds. And with a good look I mean to catch them. Every single one who dares to show themselves to us.

Everyone is welcome to this event. The only requirements for participation are, that you have at least one class on level 60 or higher and to have the Heavensward Ex trials unlocked. (Zurvan, Sephirot, Sophia, Nidhogg, Thordan, Bismarck)
We will grind a few rounds of every trial people have unlocked until people are tired of that fight. We will go in unsync but looking at an ex guide might still be advised.
For help with unlocking the trials, feel free to ping me during the evenings 🙂

React with birdos to participate.

Picture taken from the white lanner page of the lodestone.

by Jace Nolan