The 6th screenshot contest concludes

Let me take a deep look into the crystal ball here and see what the results for the 6th screenshot contest are.
This time, the contest took a new approach by giving out multiple prompts over a timespan of 6 weeks and having the participants work together in new pairs for each prompt. The jury, consisting of Kong, Jace and Talon, had a great time waiting for the entries and a hard time judging the entries. But judging had to be done and here we are with the final results!

For simplicity’s sake, we only named the top three entries of each round, as well as the final 6 places in the overall individual ranking. And now, without further ado, let’s get to the first round!

“Summer, Sun and Sporty Times”

With the seasons come the topics it seems. We just came out of summer so lets re-live the best moments of it! Show us how your character spent their summer time! What sporty activities did they do? Did they go hiking? Did they lie at the beach? Played Volleyball? Went swimming? You show us!


Into the Unknown by Xyhala and Cid Fabool

The first entry we got and it was quite confusing for the the judges. While the use of emotes was nice to look at, we had a hard time to see the theme of “Summer, Sun and Sporty Times”. Unfortunately we were neither able to see the sun nor the summer and we only guess the sporty times in form of… sport uniforms? Sad to say that this entry did not feel like it managed to demonstrate the theme.

“Kirves Hippa” by Pelle Perkelle and Vily’a Maimhov (Rox)

“Kirves Hippa” or “The traditional Finnish Summer Sport Kirves Hippa” had us all wondering what said sport might be about. Surprisingly dark lighted did it still make for a solid entry with its dynamic posing and effects. Seeing the Finnish national colors worked into the glam was a delightful detail. Getting chased with an axe as summer pastime though… the jury will make sure, not to visit Finnish beaches during hot (and definitely not cold) days.

“Fish and Chicks” by Shadow Cross and Dashing Nemophilist

What more could man want but a nice relaxing day at a swimming pool? Best applied with some fresh watermelon and a nice girl to accompany you. This screenshot really took in the summer vibes and brought the vacation mood to the whole jury. A nice angle, fitting glam and overall a pleasant picture to look at!

3rd Place: “Beating the heat: a summer spent exploring” by Ciara & Mojo

This screenshot turned our world upside down. Literally. A very creative use of perspective that is rarely seen in screenshots. Paired with a beautiful scenery gave way for a wonderful third place to this round. It was just a tiny bit too simple in technicality to reach a higher ranking.

2nd Place: “Blitz a Kind of Magic” by Aqu’a and Jasar

“… We went back and forth on a few ideas before landing on this one! “Summer Sun” was easy, the “sport” bit took more thought. Once the idea came to try (what I hope was) something different (i.e. underwater) the locale, glamours (Well I think the Shisui stuff looks like teamplayer water sports outfits 😁) all just fell into place.”


This entry had the jury stunned. Bringing Blitzball under water into the game was a very creative idea and we loved it. Great use of the environment, of stickers and perspective. It made good use of all the features and options of gpose and therefore reached a well deserved second place for this round with only a bit shy of reaching first place.

1st Place: “Snatching a win in Eorzea kart” by Laila and Shae’l

Snatching a win in Eorzean kart and in this round of the contest. And what a great entry it is. Bringing another video game into FF and executing it so good, clearly had us surprised. The jury could definitely see how much work and love for details went into this screenshot as it makes full use of the sticker mode, showing all the creative ways to use them to simulate things like a race map or a timer. A well deserved first place, for sure!

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