Be your own princess!

Suffering the summer heat? All jobs already on 80? Don’t know what to do with the 70 million gil you just farmed doing crafting?
We have the perfect solution!
Welcome to the fourth Sleeping Dragons Screenshot Contest!
This is where you can put your creative energy to good use and bedazzle your company colleagues!

What is the theme?

“Classic Animation Cosplay”
This time we want to see you do your best COSPLAY! Try to recreate your favourite scene from classic animation movies from e.g. Disney or Dreamworks with whatever possibilities the game can give you.
The above picture already shows an example of what this could look like.

(Kong’s participation advice: Try something all the judges might recognize. It helps)

When can I enter?

From Wednesday 29th of July 2020 to Saturday 29th of August 2020

Almost 1 whole month to get the perfect picture! No excuses this time!
Check Discord for more information!

How do I enter?

Capture a screenshot that follows the established theme, and submit your entry to

Be sure to include the following information when submitting your entry:

Take one (1) screenshot of your character following the theme of “Classic Animation Cosplay”.

Caption the picture!
So the jury knows what it is looking at.

Clarify the names of everyone who participated in the creation of your screenshot (Chances are the jury cannot differentiate between your rapidly changing characters)

What can I win?

First (1.) Place: 1.000.000 Gil| 3x Pots of Pure White/Jet Black Dye
Second (2.) Place: 750.000 Gil| 3x Pots of Pure White/Jet Black Dye
Third (3.) Place: 500.000 Gil | 3x Pots of Pure White/Jet Black Dye

First 3 Runner Ups:
250.000 Gil and Aurelia Polyp Minions

Additionally(!) There will be a prize pool of cute pets!
First place can select between a Meerkat, an Abroader Otter and a Conditional Virtue. Then the pick moves on to second place and finally to the third place!

How will the winner be determined?

For the third instance of our contest we will have a jury composed of Shadow Cross, Luci Mephistopheles, Darion Arguros and Malkier Jarret
None of the jury members are participating in this contest.

Do not use any third party tools to post-process your screenshots. This is supposed to be an even playing field.

But how do we take good screenshots?

Here are some guides to take good gpose screenshots in Final Fantasy XIV

Nothing left to say except: Have fun!