Lailas campfire twist bread 🌱

No cow milk needed.


  • 150ml Liter Almond Milk / Soy/ Bean Milk (Cow Milk is OK)
  • 150ml water
  • 1 small pack dry yeast here it’s like 7gram for 500gr flour.
  • 400g of flour
  • A bit of sugar
  • A good bit more salt. Like a teaspoon and a bit more. Less is ok too, but you have to balance the dough a bit. Let me explain in a bit.

Step 0 (5 min):

Mix the dry yeast, milk, water and sugar in a smallish separated bucket. You want the water to be warmish, so the yeast is comfy. You want to mix long enough that it is a homogenous mix.

Step 1 ( 3 + 10 min):

Take your big flour bowl and press a well into it. Big enough that your liquid all fits inside. Put the liquid inside, mix the edges of your well slightly in, but not too much, and let it rest for 10 mins.

Step 2 (Until you are happy but let’s say 10 mins):

Mix the stuff now, add here the SALT. Now you have to double and triple check the consistency of the dough. It needs to be wet-ish, but not too wet. A too wet dough isn’t bad, it will still taste great but be a bit more difficult to clean later and harder to grill nicer.
If you have a too wet dough, a bit of more flour can help. Mix well!

Step 3 (1 hour – ???)

Let it rest. Now you make fire, get your sticks from your tree. Remove the bark. If you use old sticks or bought sticks they can be too dry, put them in water, so they don’t burn.
The rest time is as dynamically as you need it to be, the dough will wait for you. Just make sure it waits at a comfy, warmish or at least neutral place for a quick reaction and not in the fridge.

Cover the boy with a blanket. He is sleepy, else it gets too cold.

Step 4 Extras

Things you might want to know:

Don’t put it directly into the fire, only if you want the coal crunch.

It takes quite longish, 5-10mins to bake the insides properly too depending on the thickness you chose for your bread. If you are unsure, open it up. Beware its hot!

I have grilled the bread on not open fire too, if the heat is too low it takes really, really long (not recommended) but if you make sure it does not stick on the grill (not enough moving/spinning) that’s ok!

Spicy hummus is my favorite dip. Any vegan cheese or whatever can be great too. Putting things into the dough works too, but you have to try that out for yourself. I am a hummus person.

Try out what you like. Vary whatever I have written above. The Milk does most of the taste, not the sugar, not the salt.