New? What to do?

Congratulations! Reaching this page is the first step in the right direction!
So you have decided to “Oh well, these guys and gals kinda look swell, but how do I get to know them. And what afterwards?”
This is what this page is for.

Join Discord

The second and most important step: Join our discord. You will immediately be able to see our #get-your-roles channel. Scroll up to the beginning of it and find the post where you unlock our discord. No worries though! There’s no commitment to anything here!
We opened up a lot of activities for outsiders and friends to participate so the Friends role (Yellow Heart) will suffice here.

Afterwards check out the #home channel, where people who are currently awake will probably welcome you and already point you in the right directions.
And the right direction for all people who want to apply to the FC is an interview by one of the people in blue or purple. These are our current admins and mentors, and they will conduct a small interview with every new applicant. It’s quick (~10 minutes) and just to find out about your motivations and personality.

Get to know people

Here you have multiple choices:

Talk to people on discord. Share your interests. We know that some social anxiety might occur around big new groups, so take your time. Everybody is friendly and understanding.

So you have noticed a few people who talk a lot, and you want to start a conversation. For this purpose, we have conducted some general interviews for every member page.
Here you can find out what people like and what interests them.

Join the voice chat on our discord! Usually you find a few people every evening in the different channels doing some activities. If it happens on our discord, it is always free to join. You can always ask if the activity still has open slots and if you can join. Sometimes people are doing roulettes and are missing one member for the queue. Sometimes it is a few people stuck in fighting games. Other times, its people playing League of Legends. But no matter the activity, it’s always fun to just hang out and talk.

Find activities you like

Classic Raiders

This is where people run through all kinds of older and newer (depending on progress) Content, to live through it again. The raid group is not a “full” static but mixes and matches the people at least for now every week.
The atmosphere is super casual and friendly. Don’t expect a full stack of savage raiders here. It’s about fun and nostalgia. If you are fresh to the game and for example just hit 50, but really want to try the old raids: This is where to go.
Get the Classic Raider role in the #get-your-roles channel or contact E Talon on Discord to participate.

Fight Club

After some fighting game enthusiasts were spamming the main channels on discord too much, we got our own non-FFXIV event Channel.
There’s a lot of fighting going on with regular events. The crowd is set for people of all skill levels. Even if you thought “Hey those games look neat, I want to try them.” you will find people here to play with and have fun.
The goal is to recreate the same atmosphere you probably know of starting up a SNES back in the day, plug in Street Fighter 2 and play with your friends on a cozy afternoon. Just with newer games.

Get the Fighter role in #get-your-roles or contact Kong on Discord to join in on the fun.

Flaming Dragons

Current content savage raiding completely done in-house. With Laila as the raid-lead this group is currently progressing through E11S. At the moment all slots are filled up, but the static often needs people to fill up its spots, so make sure to get the Raid Helper role if you are in interested in helping out.

Contact Laila or Jasar on Discord to get more information and participate.

If you want to get a better overview about the structure in general, check this out.