Mentor Guidance

The role of the Mentor can be fulfilled in many ways. It is supposed to encourage freedom and your own choices to help out the FC as you want to.
To fully utilize your role, there are also some administrative tasks we’d like you to cover, not only to decrease strain on leadership but also enable you to have more of a say on how the FC looks and develops. In more direct words, you set the tone in events, interviews and everything you engage in, and therefore in how other people will interact with each other.

You do not have to do everything. You do not have to take something out of this list and come up with your own way to shape the FC. But we kindly ask you to keep track of your possibilities and trying out new things, too. Experiment with what you can do!

Mentor also does not require you to have excellent knowledge about the game, but a certain passion to help people, as you will be the first stop for new players to come to with their questions.

Interviews of new arrivals

Most people are friendly. Most people just want to find a place to chill. Yet, it’s better to still be careful and listen for the needs of the newcomer.
The main purpose of the interview is not to filter, but to get to know the person, and make them comfortable with at least one person within the FC to casually chat to. You are very free in how you want to do this, yet I ask you to cover at least the following points:

  • Is this a casual/raider/newcomer?
  • Introduce them to our Casual Wednesday, and the #events channel, maybe even classic raid or other event channel.
  • How did they find us and what do they join for?

Now, this is the most minimal list I could come up with. If you go by my interviews, I cover the following additionally to above:

  • When did you join?
  • How many breaks?
  • Do you know ACT/ Quick launcher?
  • What kind of Events would they like to join and at what times?
  • Why did they start playing ffxiv?
  • What do they enjoy most about ffxiv?
  • Why are they looking for an FC right now? (leave old one? Long break? Drama?)
  • What do they expect from us as an FC, and how would they envision themselves within it?

And usually from there it goes into a casual conversation. When you finished the interview, please do the following 2 things:

1) Say so in the Mentor-channel, maybe add a bit of information like newcomer/raider…

2) Only if invited: Add the person + the discord tag in the pinned Excel sheet. The Discord name is often widely different, which causes issues when leaving/resetting their nicknames.

Keeping track of the content of the website and adding/removing upon it.

The Member page is a steady workload we would like to share with you. Check the pinned posts in discord, to see who needs a PM, or log in ffxiv and check for a Dragon without a page. Ask those members for their favourite pictures and forward them to our interview. Once you’ve got some of it back, feel free to relay it to us ancients, so we can add a sparkling new member page to the site or just do it yourself if you want to!

Additionally, there are endless possibilities for the website and what you could add to it content-wise. Found a good guide online, you want to add? Want to write your own guide for something? Have any other great idea that could enrich the website? Everything is fair game!
For example, working together to make Ryves ilvl guide into something as an interactive tool. You don’t have to do this (alone), but together we can 🙂

Giving feedback about good/bad design choices is also helpful and appreciated!

Events organization

  • Help people getting comfortable in hosting events, for example by helping them out as co-host
  • Help keep CW running, by at least inciting conversation about it. It is nice if we have CW every week, but it does not have to.
  • Communicate new event ideas.


There are many ways to recruit people. There will be always new and different options but let me list 3 ways that you could help easily.

Maintaining the Community Finder (CF). It needs text, screenshots and needs to be at least renewed manually every month. Only one recruiter can be active at a time, sadly. If you want to assist, just get in contact!

PF’ing. Have a spare moment? Just lurk in PF with a small note that we are recruiting. While most people don’t join this way, people are checking out the CF and the website, so make sure the CF is running before!

Just talking to people! What I like to do is to buy or use cheap minions like the melon minion, and trade it. I strike up a conversation, ask what they like and what they are up to. And if everything is right, it ends in a successful recruit and a friend!

Permissions Ingame

Mentors have the following noteworthy permissions:

  • Promote people
  • Full housing rights
  • Airships and submersibles
  • FC Actions (buy/execute)
  • Gardening
  • Edit company board

When you want to promote people, please note to inform Eggs → Dragons of their option to have their screenshot portfolio on the website, and that FC Chest Tab 1 is now accessible to them.
How you want to promote it is up to you. Feel free to make it a questionnaire, an event hosted by said person or just long-term membership.

The FC Chest is divided into the following parts:

Tab 1 – Give and Take

Tab2 – Materials obtained for the airship/submarines

Tab3 – Materials obtained for housing

Tab4 – Aquas tab to store airship/submarine related stuff

Tab5 – Event prizes tab

Your Ideas!

A community is made in many ways, and it’s always changing as well. If you feel like playing another game in a smaller group together like civ5, or running a drawing contest, that’s all part of what a community defines and technically what is correct to do.
Just keep in mind, our main scope is ffxiv, and many people enjoy those event-types easier and have less hesitation to join. But as you can see with our fight club, there is always the possibility of broadening the horizon of everyone.