Khim Ebonweave

As you guys noticed, since the SDS third screenshot contest I decided to take this field more seriously. For God knows how many MMOs I’ve played over the years, I’ve never paid attention to the game’s environment as I should have been, I was mostly focused on gameplay and endgame content. I always loved seeing screenshots on reddit from very talented people but never thought I could be that guy. The gpose functionality from FF14 and Kong’s passion sparkled my interest in atleast trying it out, see where it leads.

Nowadays the FC is growing at a constant pace which means the members page will have to grow with it. This initiative comes to help Kong’s busy schedule and taking some weight from his shoulders. I know Im not yet at his level but with time and practice many things can be achieved. So, if you’re pleased with what I post in meme-dia and want pictures taken of your character, for appearing on members page or just having a memory of your cool glamour, I stand at YOUR disposal.

I hope this can be my version of giving back to the community as a thank you for the friendships I already made even though I’m kinda a new member myself.”

– Khim

So how is this gonna play out?

Whenever you want to update or originally create your members page you can either ask Khim or me directly for a session.

For the new members that are basically on my list for a session I will split the work based on our schedules.

Thank you, Khim, for helping me. It is much appreciated and your work speaks for itself already in quality.

– Kong
This is an amazing example of Khim’s skill! Ask him to take yours!