Finn Ashenford

Tell us a memorable experience in ffxiv!

Hmmm, I think the best experience in FFXIV I ever had was one reclear of E1S. When one of my best friends decided to kill me, because he refused to die alone after failing the mechanic ^^’

What are you missing in ffxiv?

Well, I love tribal things in first place, so I would like to see more tribal themed equipment.
However there is one item that I would like to have in game right now. And I hope that SE will add it for lv 90 WAR job armor in endwalker expansion.
It is the bear headpiece. Like the one that berserk warriors had.

What are your RL activities that you enjoy?

As for my RL activities. I am interested in old ways of crafting. Mainly from the early medieval times. This is my hobby tbh and I love to spend some of my time on making armor parts from leather, fur (faux fur of course ^^’) and chainmail.
So in short leatherworking and some blacksmithing too.