Where is this place in Eorzea?
Fri 18:00ST, 16 Oct 2020


World of wonder and scenery! Square Enix put in time and effort in these amazing regions and sometimes in our eager to level up and follow the MSQ we miss some amazing corners of beauty.

Welcome to the first “Where is this place in Eorzea?” Event!

I will be hosting an event to track, see and be amazed by some of the places in differents areas of Eorzea.

First stop: The region of Thanalan.

How it works

I will show you an screenshot of place, took in the Thanalan area and the objective is for you to find it. Think “Where is wally?” series book or “Who is this Pokemon?” in Pokemon series commercial break

I will host this event in the 16th of October 2020. This event can be done by solo or team and will have 2 levels of difficulty ( More updates coming soon )

For now, vote with SDS icon to participate and another icon for your team ( max 4 people per team )

I will be doing this event regardless how many participants I have for this event. The objective is to have fun in this world that is Eorzea and among us as a FC

( More updates about the rules and such will come in the following days, for any questions just wisp me in discord or IG )

by Shadow Cross